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Dec 18, 2015 9:00 AM ET

Galagowear: Invest in triple award winning streetwear brand before global growth

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 18, 2015


Investment Proposal

By investing in GalagoWear, you will join a company that has, since only a few years in operation, started its own concept store, webshop and signed agreements with 47 distributors in Sweden. Our clear expansion strategy enables us to establish five stores in the world’s five largest cities in the next three years. We believe that our exceptional and award winning product, combined with your investment and support, will lead the company to an IPO by 2020.

The Story

This story started in a suburb town south of Stockholm on a friday spring 2007. Niklas was working on some graphic logos and started thinking about creating something more, a name, a foundation to build on. The target was to make it, and thrive within it, it was never really about the clothes. It was about what we are, and maybe more about what we wanted to be. The urge and strive to break free from the predetermined patterns in our society was always the biggest goal. Niklas showed his early work to Patrik, and the two brothers started to create what they thought a clothing brand should look like, and at this time a united vision for the future came together. At first it was a club concept, an online magazine, some t-shirts, the desire to be independent, and a lot of love for the urban culture. But the whole idea evolved into something more… Quickly it escalated locally in their hometown. More people liked what the brothers were doing on a daily basis. Local skaters, friends, athletes and artists started to wear the small collections of clothes. The creation and vision that the brothers were working on, had at that time slowly become a lifestyle. Niklas and Patrik were willing to work 24/7 for a dream that seemed very impossible for two regular guys who started with nothing. Every year Galagowear grows stronger and bigger, connects with more people and businesses, but it never changes in the foundation. The heart and vision always stays the same. To be selfmade.

2013 / 2014 / 2015
2013 / 2014 / 2015

The Problem

As of right now, there is no clothing brand on the Swedish market that successfully connects an urban lifestyle with trendy fashion. There are many brands offering the street style, but Galagowear fills a gap in the market by offering a lifestyle of parties, our own beer, concept store, record label and a story you want to be apart of.

Internally, the biggest challenge for us has always been to get the production of a collection financed, and to get the delivery on time to our retailers. Due to this our collections have in the past been late and we have lost 2-3 month in every collection with full margins and sell time. Since November last year we’ve been able to solve this problem with our new partner that has got a solution to this challenge, and we can now grow without these production problems anymore. So the fund raising we are doing now is not so much for “production” capital but more to get resources to expand the venture and story onto a next level otherwise.

The brands marketing and PR has always been on a good level and we are now working hard to pick up speed to get the sales, marginals and deliverys in order. Since November last year we have made all the deliverys in time.

Berns / Galagowear 8year Party
Berns / Galagowear 8year Party

Our Solution

We have partnered, and are working with the best people in the market right now to really get to the next stage concerning design, quality, sales and to take the brand also outside Scandinavia. We have already opened a great door in Germany for 2016.

This fall we have moved our stocks to a warehouse company in Borås outside Gothenburg. We have opened our first “Concept” Store. We have a new website/webshop with all the payment methods needed and we have adapted our systems to a new software that will really help us in the future. These ways we have started to prepare ourselves for the global growth in the coming years.

All this has of course also cost money but it is very important now that we have the right people who are working with what they do best, and jointly with us are taking this brand and the sales to a new level.

We will always work 24/7 to be first with the latest social media approaches, and will keep suprising our fans with our parties, and with our clothing collections. We are all the time working to give something more to our retailers, and want to bring them value so that to have Galagowear in the assortment means something special to them as well.

Contact Information:

Patrik Alen

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