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Dec 17, 2015 7:11 AM ET

Archived: Sippy espresso on the go: Anyone who loves their coffee, would love this compact, hand held, Espresso Maker on the go

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 17, 2015

Sippy espresso on the go

About this project

*NOTE* Nespresso is a registered trade mark owned by Société des Produits Nestlé SA. “Our brand SIPPY is not connected or associated in any way to Nestle S.A. or Nespresso”

Coffee Aficionados Rejoice! For Sippy is here to save your day. 

Start the day with a coffee to get your active lifestyle going. Whether you’re out and about on foot, bike, car, train, or any other transportation, Sippy can brew you an instant espresso with a press of a button.

Sippy – the espresso maker on the go from Fikra Design brews a full bodied espresso whatever the situation, every time. A fab addition to any occasion, whether it be a full packed day out of the office, a camping trip, group hike or whenever you fancy getting your caffeine / decaf fix!

The beauty of Sippy is that it is completely mechanical and does not have any electronic or moving parts, therefore the use of a battery or charging is not needed ever!

The perfect travel companion, which can be carried in any handbag, backpack or suitcase.

No espresso machine in site? Well, Sippy can now become your best buddy on any trip out of the office or home.

Brew an instant espresso with a press of a button and even mix it up by adding milk to make your favourite latte / cappuccino.


In less than 1 minute, you will have yourself a full bodied aromatic espresso with a delicious, rich velvety ‘crema’ top.

All you need is hot water, a CO2 cartridge and your favourite espresso capsule (compatible with Nespresso capsules / Hema / Coffee Duck).

Sippy will be sure to make heads turn as you brew your coffee in undiscovered locations.

Looks great in any setting and can feature at home or at the office.

Carrying Sippy looks good and is a breeze due to its light and compact body.

Having a sleek pen like profile allows the water to flow through the body, under compressed CO2 gas to maximise the aromatic flavour of your espresso and in turn creating a rich velvety ‘creme’ top.

A red anodised line indicates that a CO2 cartridge is loaded and in use.

Easy open / close screw top body gives quick access to the CO2 chamber (holds 1 x 12g CO2 Cartridge, enough for 5-6 espressos).

A small and discreet release valve is located below.

Can’t leave home without my Sippy!!



Contact Information:

Fikra Design

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