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Dec 16, 2015 2:37 PM ET

Powerful Plants: A new healthy lifestyle/educational brand for children

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 16, 2015

Powerful Plants

Powerful Plants Logo

A new healthy lifestyle/educational brand for children, Powerful Plants utilizes cutting edge technology to get kids excited and inspired about growing their own vegetables and eating healthy.
Initial offering features “talking seed packs”.

Powerful Plants is a new healthy lifestyle brand that has developed a remarkable way to inspire elementary age children to become more interested in the food they eat and the world outdoors. Thirty six different varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers feature endearing and entertaining characters that come to life right on the seed packs when viewed with the camera on a smartphone or tablet.
Powerful Plants utilizes augmented reality technology, and a free app that can be downloaded from itunes for apple devices (4S or newer) or on google play for Android. Each character features approximately 2.5 minutes of educational content about each plant, the environment, and nutrition. Not only do these seed packs offer amazing learning opportunities for the classroom and garden, but they are also ideal for school fundraisers. There is also an interactive book “The Carrot-Napping” that features questions and answers that can be useful for evaluating reading retention.

Products / Services

Talking Seed Packs (free app), interactive book, educational platform, free contests/game, TV series

Powerful Plants currently offers 36 varieties of heirloom vegetable seeds just for kids. The characters on the packs come to life when viewed with a smart phone or tablet that has been loaded with our free app. Each character provides over 2 minutes of fun, yet, highly educational video content to help inspire the next generation to get outside and grow their own healthy vegetables and lead a healthier lifestyle.

An interactive book with characters that also come to life is the first of it’s kind, and features questions that must first be answered about what was just read before the characters in each chapter come to life.

Future plans include: A “STEM” certified teaching module for the classroom, related growing accessory gardening products, an interactive educational game,and potentially a TV series and trading card product/game.

Contact Information:

Al Benner

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