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Dec 16, 2015 9:22 AM ET

Archived: HAANDLE: a solution to deal with issues surrounding sleep problems, bullying and obsessive behaviour caused by easy access to internet services

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 16, 2015



The Idea

Families are struggling with how to deal with issues surrounding sleep problems, bullying and obsessive behaviour caused by easy access to internet services and the proliferation of ‘connected’ devices. A US national sleep survey found that 75% of kids have electronic devices in their bedrooms and at least a third check their social media updates during the night. (HuffingtonPost & Today.com)

An NHS uk study found that nearly half of all 11-17 year olds are not getting enough sleep due to mobile devices leading to not just grumpy kids but poor concentration at school, (NHS) the BBC reported that this activity could be resulting in kids under achieving in GCSE grades. (BBC

This research points to a growing population both adults and children, that are suffering the effects of obsesive device usage, lack of sleep and under performance.

In early 2014 one of Paul Hague’s sons was experiencing problems with online obsession and bullying resulting is some health problems that, thankfully, have been resolved. It was around 4 months before we knew there was a real problem and by that time it was too late. With 25 years in the technology sector Paul tried to find some tools to help manage these issues and there was nothing on the market. In discussions with senior technology contacts and with parents it was pretty clear that a sensible solution didn’t really exist. So we created haandle and set out to create technology that would have a positive impact on familiy and childrens lives.


The Solution

Our solution help parents/families deal with these issues by providing technology to intervene including internet timers that work on both mobile and wifi connections so inside and outside the home. A new wifi router with accompanying app that allow parents to have a greater say in how and where their children use the internet and manage screentime

Our business has been created by parents for parents and is unique in its approach to solving those issues. We not only have direct experience of the horrible results that can arise but also the technology and business experience to bring the product to market.

Patents for the solution were filed in December 2014. We have made contact with major mobile operators and broadband providers including Sky, Vodafone and O2. We are also discussing with European retail distributors.


Contact Information:

Paul Hague
Simon Coates
Paul Jenkins
Dave Johnson

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