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Dec 16, 2015 3:58 PM ET

Archived: From Mother’s Garden: Therapeutic products for the body and home that nurture you, inside and out, while spreading information that promotes wellness and helps to prevent illness

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 16, 2015
Personal Story

I spent my early years living in Brooklyn. As a small child, I would spend a lot of time in Buffalo, working in my family’s business. I loved it. While my grandma would work long hours, she was able to do so, for herself. I enjoyed counting out penny candies and whatever else the people needed. I used to walk around telling people I was going to be an “entrepreneur”. I left some letters out but they knew what I meant.

My mom’s career was flourishing and my dad’s practice was growing when my dad was diagnosed with cancer. My dad passed away when I was small and my mom took over the role of raising us. I knew from a small age that I wanted to create options.

While in high school, I started experiencing symptoms of a health condition. While I was in college, it got worse and after numerous biopsies and lots of medications, they gave me a diagnosis of Wegener’s Granulomatosis. When I graduated from college, I had to make a decision. I could apply to law schools or focus on exploring ways to heal myself. My mom showed me a Holistic Wellness program that was located in NYC. I enrolled and this began a major shift in my focus in life.

Healing and understanding is what I am all about and this is what comes together in From Mother’s Garden. Right now, we carry a line of therapeutic products for the body and home. We have several prototypes for products that are wellness promoting and ready to go. I am learning and growing every day and we are just getting started.

Business Description

From Mother’s Garden provides therapeutic products for the body and home. Our goal is to provide products that nurture you, inside and out, while spreading information that promotes wellness and helps to prevent illness.

We have a Brand Ambassador program that is free to join and we plan to utilize this to spread information and our all natural products. Besides the products, we provide coaching and support to brand ambassadors. Our goal is to create options that help others learn and grow while pursuing their vision. We plan to be an international network of wealth and wellness ambassadors who help others create the lives they want.

From Mother’s Garden is a place to share. I wanted a space to have conversations around natural wellness, healing, and support and this is what we offer at From Mother’s Garden.

What is the purpose of this loan?

$1800- Stock & Supplies (ingredients, containers, labels, shipping fees, boxes)
$2300 – Legal/Accounting (GS1 (UPS/Barcode application) & Trademark Search & Application (multiple classes) & Patent Search & Application)
$900 – Marketing (Website Development, PPC, Google Adwords, Facebook & Twitter marketing)

Contact Information:


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