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Dec 15, 2015 6:54 PM ET

The Trouble Notes – Debut Album: Pre-order our debut album and help bring the past two years of travel and cultural exploration to life!

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 15, 2015

The Trouble Notes – Debut Album

Short Summary

The past two years have been incredible for us. When our journey first began, we wanted to travel the world, meet new people, experience different cultures, and grow as musicians and human beings. We wanted to share our music with the world, and let the world’s music shape us. From the storms of Hurricane Sandy to the streets of Europe, our music has been our way to experience our emotions with everyone who loves to hear it. Now, finally, after two years of traveling, we are ready to record our first full LP with the songs that many of you know and love, and some new ones which you have yet to hear. We feel that our songs have a story to tell, packed with fervorous emotion and experience. We’re ready to share our epic story with the world in the only language we know how: music.

What We Need & What You Get

Having been in the streets for the past few years, we’ve had the opportunity to meet many different people spread all over the music world. We think our music will do well in films, and are hoping to put together an album of the very highest quality. This means we will work with an experienced producer in a high end studio, and spare no expense on mixing in mastering to ensure that we get the very best out of instruments and ourselves.

Our Offer to you

While having the finished product of THE ALBUM is the reason we are here, we have put together a list of perks and ideas to reward you for supporting us. This ranges from having the digital download (Access Pass) of the album, to signed merchandise, clothing, your own personalized videos and other packages with new items from us! We are grateful for any and everything you are willing to contribute to our campaign, and will do everything we can to reward you for it! We will continue to update perks and add new items as the campaign progresses, so keep an eye on this space.

Constantly Humbled
We find ourselves constantly humbled by the support we’ve received over the past two years. So many of you have treated us with grace and kindness. Whether contributing to us on the street, or opening up your venue or home to us, we could not be more grateful for your gesture. The past two years of our lives have gone into making this music. We rarely took a break, and earned a reputation by many as being one of the hardest working groups in the street. We will not stop that. The support you’ve given us fuels our dedication and this campaign is no different. Without it, this album will not be possible.

Give What You Can

We spent a year of our lives living as street musicians. WE KNOW HOW HARD YOU WORK FOR YOUR MONEY. If you would like to help us take this big step in our lives but are unable to contribute any money, trust us, we completely understand! But there are other ways you can contribute to the success of our campaign if you are unable to support us financially. Any support you can give us through your social media networks is greatly appreciated. Share our campaign or tell people about us and the music that we make. The more people that hear about our campaign, the more likely we are to be successful.

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The Trouble Notes

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