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Dec 15, 2015 4:11 PM ET

Archived: A Mothers Medicine: delicious, practical recipes on healthy eating

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 15, 2015

A Mothers Medicine

The story

Our beloved mother, friend and loved one passed away this year.

Leaving a hole in many people’s hearts. Just because she has left us in this

world does not mean she has left our mind, body or soul.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

One of her greatest passions was health. With the guidance and information

our mother taught us, we are creating a book titled ‘A Mothers Medicine’ that

will not only be a memorium to our mother but also share insight and

delicious, practical recipes on healthy eating. A famous quote that she lived

by was……

“Let food be thine medicine

And let medicine be thine food.”

Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine

This book will face us in the right direction and introduce its readers to a

whole new way of eating and gets us to think and question ………

What are we putting into our bodies?

Is it fortifying or damaging us?

Is our food perhaps a cause for our health concerns?

It has changed the way we (her children) look at and eat food. It is our hope

that the recipes and insights learnt from this book nourishes our body, mind

and soul and educates us into a whole new way of eating.

You can join us

By contributing to the creation of this book. The aim is that this book is just

the beginning of this project and hope that through all the contributions from

you and the rest of the community the project grows in as many ways as


We are aiming to raise a total of $40,000.

This will go to the creation of the book and printing 200 copies only.

The book will be a coffee table quality book that will feature 25 recipes.

Any proceeds created from this project will be going to Our Big Kitchen. A

community run kitchen located in Bondi, Sydney. With support from

volunteers they prepare meals that are distributed to needy people from all

walks of life.

You can find out more on this organisation by clicking here.

The project costs are broken down as follows:

More information and examples of the below people’s work can be viewed at the A mother’s medicine website by clicking here.

Graphic designer = $6,050

Portraits photography = $3,300

Copy editor = $1,650

Photographer and food stylist (3 day shoot) = $8,250

Lighting = $990

Image retouching = $2,062.50

Props for shoot = $1,650

Ingredients = $1,100

Cook = $1,100

Launch event = $2,750

Printing 200 copies = $8,800

Miscellaneous = $2,300


Here’s how we will be raising the money

The money will be raised in 2 parts.

Part 1:

Of the 25 recipes we will be selling 15 recipes.


Is a minimum donation of $500.

This cost can be divided up among friends. For example a group of 5 can pay

$100 each.

It can also be purchased and gifted to someone else.

You receive:

By purchasing one of the recipes you will get the following:

  • The option to choose a recipe from Bonita’s collection to fill the page
  • Write a special message in the book
  • Have a professional photo of yourself included in the book
  • You receive one copy of the final book

These 15 pages will be sold first. Once all are sold part 2 will be launched.

Part 2:

We will be selling copy’s of the book.

Only 200 copies of the book will be printed and available for purchase.

These will be launched once part 1 has been complete.

Contact Information:

Our Big Kitchen

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