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Dec 15, 2015 4:39 PM ET

Archived: A cup that finally solves staining problems! Lazy to clean the table or have no coaster? This cup will finally solve all your problems easily!

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 15, 2015

A cup that finally solves staining problems!

Short Summary

We are a group of young innovators which aims to create products which can make the world a better place! Have you ever feel troublesome to get a coaster for your drinks? Have you ever feel annoyed seeing the dripping stains on your table caused by your coffee and tea? If you do, then this hassle-free coffee cup will be the best for you! 
We do know that there are actually similar existing ideas on the market, but we also found out that none of it has been officially produced yet. So, we decided to take the chance and produce it for the better of all coffee and tea lovers! Don’t mistaken us, this cup works for any drinks actually!

What We Need & What You Get

This product may seems simple to produce, but it is actually not. We need to design and measure accurate the volume of the ridge around the cup so that it can hold all dripping liquids, and yet at the same time, it will not drip onto you when you are taking a sip. 
We have managed to accurately come out with the measurements for the ridge, and the funds that we will be getting will be going to our mass production, as well as, customization. We will not only be selling our product on indiegogo, after we managed to get enough funds, we will be launching this product on various platforms in the market, getting other businesses to advertise and selling it as well. 
The perks? Everyone wants a return. You will be getting first hand on this hassle free coffee cup, and we will be giving customization as well! You can customize your other half’s name, your friend, your family, and anything you want on the cup, and it will make a perfect gift for them! 

The Impact

We have seen coffee and tea stains at basically anywhere and everywhere. This product is not a big cost product and is definitely affordable for any f&b businesses. It will solve the problem of leaving stains on the tables, and save the cost for coasters for these businesses. Also, individuals can use it at home as well, and you will not feel irritated and annoyed like before when you see the stains on your study table, and getting a big scolding from your parents! Just a simple hassle free coffee cup, it caters to anyone, from f&b businesses to individuals, and also, it makes the perfect gifts for any occasions!

Risks & Challenges

Our first question when we decided to touch on this campaign is that, will the drips stored in the ridge be difficult to clean? The answer is no. There will be a sufficient amount of drips stored in the ridge that causes the coffee/tea (or other beverages) to not “solidify” so fast. The liquid will remain as liquid in the ridge and with just a wash of water, the ridge can be easily clean!
Why will the drips not fall onto you when you are taking a sip? I believe many of you may know the meniscus of liquid. We have accurately came out with the measurements for the ridge, so that the threshold of the ridge will be at the maximum, and is proportional to the maximum volume that the cup can hold. This will cause the liquid to not “escape” from the ridge when you tilt the cup for a sip!

Other Ways You Can Help

Even though some of you may not be able to contribute, we really appreciate your time in reading on our products! But do help by spreading the words to others, and helping to make the world a better pay! Do share our campaigns on various social platforms, and we really appreciate your help! We believe that this product will make the perfect gifts for anyone, on other occasions, and you no longer have to be stressed over what gifts to get for your friends!

And that’s all there is to it. Thank you!

Contact Information:

Jing Xiong Thng

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