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Dec 14, 2015 12:21 PM ET

Babylaf, interactive pillow for kids: Changing diapers, travel and entertain your baby is really easy now!

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 14, 2015

Babylaf, interactive pillow for kids

Hello people around the world!

My name is Rodrigo Rosales Laurent, I’m 32 years old and I’m from Chile, South America. Yes, the country of the 33 miners rescued from a collapsed mine and the same country who has just won the America’s Cup against Argentina :D!

Since I finished college I knew that working in an office was not my thing, 

so I started working on different projects. I had some success in some of them and not in others, but in the process I have learned much from all of them.

Now I have decided to start a project together with my wife, Karenn. We have been married for four years, and we want to start having children, so the project needed to be something related to this stage of our life.

Taking my experience in business and our many conversations about our future children, I found the perfect project. for us.

I searched all over the world for baby products that could sell on this side of the world, something new that could import, perhaps.

Finally a product caught our attention, but it needed some changes, so we took the general idea and redesigned it to make it a potential product that could sell well in South America (first goal).

So “Babylaf” was born, an interactive pillow for babies and little kids, this pillow will help you change your baby’s diaper like never before, and will entertain your children when you travel in car, airplain, train, and even before they go to bed!

So, Babylaf was created for a purpose, to help moms and dads, to entertain babies and children and to combine tecnology in the process

babylaf is an interactive and ergonomic pillow designed to fit baby’s waist, wrapped in a soft fabric and embroidered with various animals to stimulate baby’s senses. It has ears to place toys, teethers and others and as a centerpiece has an elastic pocket to locate a smartphone so the baby can use their favorite applications, watch cartoons or play music. Or if the parents do not like the use of smartphones, they can put interactive flashcards and even toys.

Where you can use it?

ANYWHERE, if you need to change your baby’s diaper, it will keep them calm and entertain, if you need to travel in car, train, airplane, always will be with them and they love it!


If you don’t have a baby, it’s a perfect gift for your niece or nephew, or maybe your grandson or granddaughter. You can give it as a gift on a babyshower!

It is intended for children between 3 months and 3 years and we are currently working on accesories and a versión for tablets.


– Every Babylaf Interactive Pillow have a retail price of US$35 (but for the first two months in the website will be a little lower as a presentation price).


Let me explain why your contribution is so important for us. In our country is very hard to start a business, if you don’t have money, you need a loan, but nobody will give you one unless you show a minimal amount of sales, but to sale, i need to put them in the market, so i need money, and i have none!.

Your contribution is so SO important, it will give us the oportunity to put the product in the market, next to important brands, and will give us the amount we need to produce a quantity needed to do that, also we will be able to do the necessary advertising.

Your contribution will not put us in all south america, but we will be able to start strong in Chile, and collect the founds to do the same in Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay, and so.

In order to make it work, we need a basic amount of funds that will allow us to start with advertising and place our product in retail stores. It will also allow us to buy good machinery for making the quantity of items needed to mantain the stock in place.

  • US$25.000  
  • This amount will go exclusively for machinery (sewing and embroidery machines, fabric cutter, and some other implements), fabrics, office supplies, advertising (i need to show people the product and where to buy it) and rent retail space to put them on the market, and of course, to give something back to you!
For your contribution, we will be very gratefull and will send you our products, some of them specially made for you, nobody else in the world will have them, we will also send products for charity in your name and you will see that our company will grow always thinking in helping other people, because you did it for us. We will not forget!

If we don’t get the minimal amount, it doesn’t matter, we will just grow slower, but it will help us to grow! 

I’m not saying it will be easy, I know for experience there is not such thing as an easy business, but your contribution will put us in the right place to start.

We are strong and consequent people, we will make this work, we will put all our effort, knowledge and energy into this project and we will succeed.

If you like this project but you can’t contribute with funds

It doesn’t matter!, you can help us big time showing this project to other people, in social networks or anywhere, you will make your contribution that way and we will be enormously grateful. And you will be very proud when you see how much our company has grown, and you will say, hey!, i help them!

So please use the tools Indiegogo offer to do so!

Finally, we are incredibly thankfull for your contribution, for taking the time to read this and learn a little about us, we will not forget you.

Best regards,

Karenn and Rodrigo

Contact Information:

Rodrigo Rosales Laurent

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