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Dec 11, 2015 3:39 PM ET

Archived: Traffic JAM – The Musical: A traffic stopping four part web-musical brought to life by Aussie YouTube stars, SketchShe. Honk if your …

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 11, 2015

Most people know us as ‘the three girls in the car’ lip syncing on YouTube. After two viral hits and with a band of Sketcheteers in tow it’s time for Lana, Shae-Lee and Madison akaSketchShe to rev their engines!

We’re pushing down on the accelerator and taking the SketchShe automobile to a whole new level in Traffic Jam – The Musical! 

Traffic Jam is an ultra satirical musical comedy, set on a busy strip of freeway in the fictional city of HollyAngeles.  When SketchShe inadvertently cause a fender bender (oops!), a huge traffic jam follows and frustrations and hot heads run high. Unable to go anywhere in the gridlock, the angry commuters begin playing the blame-game with one another. There’s nothing like a major highway to bring people together, from posh housewives to bikies, the ‘Traffic Jammers’ come from all walks of life.  Through song, dance and rap battles can they learn to deal with their differences and even drive a day behind the others’ wheel?…grand theft auto not condoned!  A mix of original music and popular cover tracks will thread this theatrical story together along with crazy dancing, gags and even some romance.  Will people ultimately unite for the greater good or stay ‘stuck’ in their ways and the traffic? 

Traffic Jam is an opportunity for us to take our skills and talents to the next level by collaborating with professionals to make a visual spectacular. Until now we have mostly lip-synced to well known songs and produced some short sketches on a shoestring budget. With Traffic Jam we will be writing our own music and SINGING for the first time! It’s time for us to kick it up a gear by combining real singing with dancing, special effects, killer story lines and some awesomely talented cast and crew. We have had the honour of receiving a grant from Screen Australia and Google to begin funding this web series. We want to make something extraordinary that takes our content to a whole new level which is why we need to raise additional funds through this Kickstarter campaign. Traffic Jam will take all the things people have come to know and love about SketchShe and put it on steroids! 

With the A-Team!

Shae-Lee Shackleford – Creator, Writer, Director, Talent

A professional producer in her native Australia, Shae-Lee is a prime wellspring of ideas for SketchSHE, bringing her combined expertise in writing, directing and producing to the troupe’s comedic work. Shae-Lee’s prior experience working on feature films, music videos and TV commercials combined with her years of acting training means she is well equipped to make Traffic Jam an overall success. 

Lana Kington – Creator, Co-writer, Talent

The youngest of the threesome, Lana is a television host and rising comedic actress. With an admitted penchant for “wicked” comedy, she’s a facile writer and pop culture guru who helps keep their material current and relatable. Leveraging her camera-friendly looks and upbeat personality into acting and presenting gigs, Lana has worked for MTV, Foxtel, Maxim and various music magazines.

Madison Lloyd – Creator, Talent

As a native of Melbourne, Australia who later moved to Sydney, Maddy is a seasoned model and natural comedian. Her quick wit and business savvy saw her hone her writing, marketing and PR skills whilst completing a degree in Media and Communications with a Journalism/Advertising and Marketing major. With seven years of on camera experience in a series of commercials and ad campaigns she has developed a love for being in front of the camera and for the crazy costuming, make-up and character development that SketchShe is all about.

Marc Furmie – Creator, Writer, Director

With a background as an awarded filmmaker, Marc Furmie has directed dozens of music videos, television commercials and short films. He has worked with Sony, Telstra, NSW Tourism, Amnesty International and Volkswagen amongst others. Marc’s extensive music video work includes cutting-edge clips for Timomatic, Justice Crew, Rogue Traders, Stan Walker and Ricki-Lee. He has directed episodes of the award-winning Event Zero web-series for Movie Extra and Distracted Media. Marc’s debut feature film Terminus, a high-concept science fiction thriller, will be released globally by Vertical Entertainment in 2016. 

Drew Bailey – Producer, 1st Assistant Director

An academy award nominated producer, Drew will be producing and 1st ADing Traffic Jam. Having worked on films such as The Last Samurai, Blood Diamond, Scooby Doo, Matrix II and III, Superman Returns and Wolverine his expertise and years of experience is a critical addition to the team. 

Lastly, we just want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our fans for supporting us this far. If any of our videos (which we have funded ourselves up until now) have made you laugh (OR cry) please show your support, we bloody love each and every one of you! Lets do this together!

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