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Dec 11, 2015 5:52 PM ET

Archived: Mineca: develops the digital school

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 11, 2015


In 2011 Sweden introduced a new education act, curriculum and grading system. The two high school teachers Agneta Larsson and Håkan Jansson at Katedralskolan realised that the administration and documentation within the new grading system could easily risk becoming overwhelming. In a former employment Agneta held the position of quality manager and with this experience she realized that teachers risked acting in different ways and that their assessment of the pupils may therefore be inadequate.

Based on directions from The Swedish Agency for Education and surveys of how different teachers and schools managed these tasks, these two teachers developed a working model.

The model was introduced to an IT-company that developed a prototype according to the model.

Developments in the field of education have resulted in that teachers now spend a lot more time creating and grading tests and then documenting the progress of the students to guide them optimally. Teachers and schools create samples and documentation in their own way based on models that differ within schools and between schools, leading to problems. This has led to criticism from parents and students regarding unclear documentation and experiences of arbitrary assessments.

Our working model called Mineca will become a powerful tool that changes everyday life for school leaders, teachers, parents, and guides students to better learning outcomes. Mineca digitizes the entire process from creating tests via a test bank, correcting tests and guiding students.

The whole process is formalized and quality assured and streamlines work for the teacher. Mineca documents and provides reports according to The Swedish Agency of Education requirements.

From testbank to correcting tests to results.
From testbank to correcting tests to results.

Mineca works for all subjects, courses, schools and municipalities, as well as for all types of grading and education. The tool provides the school and the municipality with analyses to support improving operations.

Today there are no tools like Mineca on the market and the demand is high for such a tool. There are some helpful tools that can do a small part of what Mineca will do but no tool that digitally formalizes and streamlines the entire education process. Tests carried out by active teachers show that they saved about 30% of their time, in the marking and reporting process alone.

The tool will in the short term change and improve the work of teachers. Students will receive clear feedback and academic guidance. Municipalities and principals will get an overview of how the business works and can analyse the results and the data in the database.

Students and teachers will develop in a digital process where the education, examination and feedback is done digitally. This gives students insight into what they need to improve.

The information in the database can be used to continuously improve teaching. Our vision of Mineca is that it will be a standard for municipalities and schools throughout Sweden, but also a tool to streamline and formalize all forms of education both within and outside Sweden.

We now need your help to realize our project, taking Mineca from the current beta version to a launchable product.

Contact Information:

Agneta Larsson

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