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Dec 10, 2015 5:51 PM ET

Archived: John of God – A Healing Journey: centred around the journey of Lya and her husband Ian, as well as Fred Porter from Los Angeles who is living with HIV/AIDS

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 10, 2015

John of God – A Healing Journey

The story of the project

As a dance therapist I have always been interested in the use of energy for healing so when my friend Lya with advanced breast and bone cancer went  to see John of God in Brazil I decided to follow her journey and make a film.

Ten years in the making, John of God – A Healing Journey takes us on a compelling journey inside the world of Brazilian spiritual healer Joao de Faria De Texeira, also known as John of God.  He is said to work with spirits who do the healing through him and many miracles have been attributed to him.  Over the past fifteen years people from all over the world have been flocking to his healing centre called the Casa Dom Ignacio in Brazil in search of a cure for illnesses that western medicine have failed to heal. This is a story of courage and hope and the role of spirituality in healing.

                                                                         Photo courtesy of Karen Leffler John of God photos.com

The film is centred around the journey of Lya and her husband Ian, as well as Fred Porter from Los Angeles who is living with HIV/AIDS. We follow Lya, Ian and Fred with hundreds of others absorbed in meditation and prayer in the main healing room called the current room. John of God uses the energy of the current room to connect with the spirits. He tells us that “I am just a man, the ones who heal are God and the good spirits.” My camera captures in vivid close-up astounding “spiritual operations”  where John of God cuts skin and scrapes eyeballs with a kitchen knife, without anaesthetic. While skeptics would dismiss these as magic tricks, can we consider that something real may be happening here beyond the western medical model and its focus on the physical body? The film explores a paradigm of healing where we are spiritual beings having a human experience and our spiritual evolution is primary.


I meet many people at the Casa. Some have extraordinary stories of healing, such as Maria who begins to walk again after being crippled with spina bifida from birth, and Bob who was cured of a degenerative eye disease sending him blind. Some have less physical improvements but are experiencing healing on an emotional or spiritual level while others are seeking relief from emotional crises such as depression, addiction, or grief. Some come with no ailments and are seeking spiritual connection. We discover that healing is not just about curing the physical body. Clearing emotional wounds and opening to love, forgiveness and gratitude is shown to be a starting point for healing many things. This aligns with most spiritual traditions, and with many scientific studies that show how our emotions, thoughts and beliefs profoundly affect our physiology.
Lya and Fred’s experiences demonstrate this– Lya’s cancer goes into remission for some time and Fred’s health transforms and is maintained to the present day.


Why fund this film?

Like many of us I have had close friends and family dealing with chronic and terminal illness. I’ve seen people who are ill and vulnerable often made to feel like victims who are at the mercy of doctors who don’t have answers and offer them no hope. This film seeks to expand our concepts on healing and illness opening the audience to new pathways beyond the western medical model – where healing focuses on empowering people to participate in their healing process through looking within and taking responsibility for aspects of their own health. Love is seen as a potent force of healing ourselves, our relationships with each other, and our planet. 

My aim is to have this film widely viewed around the world on television, in wellness centres, hospitals, clinics, conferences and specialist film festivals. I believe this film has the potential to help many people who are facing challenges both physical and emotional. The film inspires us to consider a healing of the future that integrates both western medicine and spiritual healing.

I would really appreciate your contribution in any way you can. Every little bit counts. Please help to get this message out. If you are unable to pledge, please support the film by liking our Facebook page and spreading the word through your networks. I really want to thank especially all my supporters who have donated services and assistance with this campaign so far including Amanda Grant from Southern Casa, Kristin Dale from Australian Casa, Peter Rule, Howard Toose, Angela Bellew, Sherril Page, Caterina Pellegrino, Ann Joel and Louise Leecy.

With appreciation and gratitude


How the funds will be used

The funds will be used to complete the film where I need to employ a professional editor, an online editing facility and a sound mixing facility. I am not taking any fees for creating this film. It is a labor of love and service.

Editor                                         10000
Online Editing, Color Grade    10,000
Soundtrack creation
(Narration, Music, Sound FX
Sound Mix                                  5,000
Total                                         25,000

For those of you who would like to have a tax deduction for your donation, this project is also registered with the Documentary Fund of Australia and you can donate directly to the film through them. Here is the link  https://www.documentaryaustralia.com.au/films/3955…

Some of my other work

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Contact Information:

Michelle Mahrer

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