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Dec 10, 2015 2:48 PM ET

In Other News: Reporters on Reporting: Journalists Stephanie Forshee and Rosie Downey are writing a book about a dozen reporters who have made an impact in their field.

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 10, 2015
Our book cover designed by the talented Ryan Lambert
Our book cover designed by the talented Ryan Lambert

So what’s this all about?

Ever read an incredible article and wish you knew just how the reporters did it? 

How did he or she get access to that particular politician or agency? And which documents did that information actually come from? How many months did this journalist spend on the single investigative series?

Those are precisely the types of questions you’ll find out by reading In Other News: Reporters on Reporting. 

That’s why we’re writing this book – because when we first started out, we were looking for mentors, for resources, for a book that helps solve the mystery of what it takes to be a solid reporter. 

There are great resources out there like reporting handbooks, or you could grab a memoir by some of the greats like Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather, of course. You could even read All the President’s Men to learn more about Woodward & Bernstein’s incredible journey behind exposing the Watergate scandal.

But In Other News is geared to provide insight that cuts to the chase and digs into the stories of how 12 working journalists uncovered gems of stories, how they got their first jobs, why they chose this career, what gives them their edge in an incredibly competitive space, and other educational, inspirational and motivational advice. 

It’s not everyday the reporter is the subject of the story. But in our world, we want it to be, so we can all learn from it. 

We wanted to know how Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael J. Berens (now with theChicago Tribune, formerly of The Seattle Times) came up with the idea that methadone could be killing thousands of people in Washington state. He shared that story with In Other News.

We wanted to know why Devil’s Knot author Mara Leveritt insisted, for 18 years, that the West Memphis Three were innocent – as they sat behind bars, one of them even facing Death Row. She told us.

Now we want to share that insider knowledge with our readers. 

The book is perfect for journalism majors interested in knowing what it’s really like to work in the field. Consider it a roadmap of real-world examples. 

But honestly, it’s something beneficial to working journalists also. We have both been in the field for more than five years each and we still have a long way to go – much to learn about how to report on stories that really matter, stories that impact lives and create change. 

That’s our goal, and hopefully it’s yours too. 

Plus, it’s just really fascinating to hear the stories of Pulitzer Prize winners and journalists who have written best-sellers and reporters whose stories have been transformed into motion pictures. 

It motivates everyone and keeps us honest. It is inspiring to hear about journalists who gave their blood, sweat and tears to a particular story and, in the end, witnessed a tremendous payoff. 

Here’s to ethical journalism, stories that make an impact and recognition for reporters who make a difference every single day. 

-Stephanie & Rosie

What people are saying about In Other News:

“Need inspiration? Watch All the President’s Men for the 15th time or instead savor a chapter from In Other News: Reporters on Reporting. You’ll get the tonic you need to tackle your own Watergate.” — Linda Austin, veteran editor and journalism educator

Oh, and here’s the complete lineup of journalists featured in the book:

Gilbert Bailon, editor-in-chief, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Christina Bellantoni, assistant managing editor, politics, Los Angeles Times

Michael J. Berens, Pulitzer-winning investigative reporter, Chicago Tribune

Geoff Edgers, national arts reporter, The Washington Post

Sonari Glinton, business desk reporter, NPR West bureau

Mitra Kalita, managing editor, Los Angeles Times

Andrew LaVallee, New York deputy bureau chief, The Wall Street Journal

Mara Leveritt, Devil’s Knot author and investigative crime reporter, Arkansas Times

Carrie Lozano, documentary filmmaker

Terry McCarthy, Emmy-winning foreign war correspondent, formerly of TIME, ABC, CBS

Joan Ryan, New York Times best-selling author, former sports reporter

Kendall Taggart, investigative data reporter, BuzzFeed

Questions, comments or concerns?

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Stephanie Forshee
Stephanie Forshee
Rosie Downey
Rosie Downey
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Stephanie Forshee
Rosie Downey

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