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Dec 10, 2015 12:14 PM ET

Archived: ELIZAB’HATS: a pioneer in the national and international fashion industry

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 10, 2015


Sustainability, the protection of ancient arts and crafts and avant-garde design are the raw materials of ELIZAB’HATS. ELIZAB’HATS is a pioneer in the national and international fashion industry. By fusing traditional techniques with a contemporary vision, the designers have created a new hat style to promote cultural exchange, valuing the respect for nature and renewal. ELIZAB’HATS’s hats are created from the reuse of ties, resulting in exclusive and unique pieces. Having a structure based on portuguese cork hats are made by hand in family businesses and seamstresses coming from social projects.

ELIZABETH’HATS arises from a shared concern: the unsustainability of the current development model in the textile industry that puts the economy as an end, without defending the welfare of people and the environment.

In a world of an increasingly limited resources, the preference for ethical and sustainable fashion is a radical break with the obsolete models of production and consumption of linear waste to a system where goods and resources are designed to have more than one life.

The project is supported by three pillars: the use of environmentally friendly and organic materials of national origin; the relationship system with suppliers and workers based on commitment and quality and product innovation. Through the fusion of Portuguese traditional techniques and contemporary vision, the designer created a range of unique hats, putting the Portuguese cultural wealth and respect for nature at the top of its priorities.

Per year, ELIZAB’ HATS presents two distinct collections:

No Time To Waste: in this permanent collection, hats are designed by the reuse of quality ties. The result? Elegant, irreverent and unrepeatable pieces. The structure is portuguese cork.

Special Edition: this temporary collection (3 months) was born from the desire to unite two elements: the past and the future. How? By introducing artisan personality to the progressive vision, we add the artistic avant-garde fabrics made by hand. They are pieces with their own expression and they assume themselves as originals before the remaining accessories.

ELIZAB’ HATS bets for the traceability of the product and, therefore, believes in a system that allows the consumer and worker to create a relationship. Asserting itself within the social entrepreneurship – it should be noted the incondicional support and monitoring of ¬†Social IES Business School Cascais – every step in this production is accomplished by micro businesses and social projects

Contact Information:

Elisabete Palma

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