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Dec 9, 2015 11:09 AM ET

Archived: YoCam – The World’s Most Versatile Waterproof Life Camera: World’s smallest all-in-one waterproof life camera that can replace your GoPro, DropCam, baby monitor, dash cam, selfie cam and more.

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 9, 2015

Been cut off in a group photo?

Been sick of using a bulky camera housing for underwater shooting?

Struggled carrying a big camera while traveling?

Wanted to share your experiences with your loved ones instantly?

Captured tons of photos and videos, but only to keep them on your memory card forever?

From now on, you can forget about GoPro, DropCam, baby monitors, dash cams and selfie cams…because YoCam does it all.

YoCam was designed and engineered to be the world’s smallest waterproof life camera—and the lightest one, too. Unlike the cameras that can only meet one or two of your needs, we have designed YoCam as an all-in-one smart camera that will accommodate all your daily needs. In order to achieve this goal, YoCam must be powerful, versatile and affordable. Here are the features we are going to incorporate into YoCam:

Without sacrificing any functionalities, YoCam weighs only 2oz (~55g). Our product is the ultimate portable camera!

YoCam is lighter, smaller and much more powerful than GoPro’s smallest camera, HERO4 Session:

YoCam has an IP68 rating, and it is housing-free waterproof up to 20 feet. From now on, no additional housing or case is needed for shooting underwater! At only 2oz (~55g) in your palm, YoCam is built as the most water-friendly camera on the market.

YoCam features a number of advanced technologies, such as our MoSteady™ stabilization technology, HDR and a P2P remote internet connection—none of which have ever appeared in a camera of this size.

Check out our amazing MoSteady™ video stabilization effect when you record with YoCam:

YoCam is extremely simple to use. Recording begins with just one click! Even small children can enjoy YoCam like a pro.

YoCam is designed to be a user-friendly selfie/groupie camera. Whenever and wherever you want to take a selfie, simply handhold YoCam, point to yourself and click. And that’s all it takes! Our product is amazingly easy and fun.

1. One-handed operation.

2. 140° super wide angle fixed focus lens.

3. F2.0 aperture and 2 micron pixel for excellent lowlight performance.

With additional accessories, YoCam is beyond portable and is a wearable fashion piece that you want to take along with you wherever you go.

You can wear it on your neck…

Or clip it on your pocket…

Or mount it onto your backpack!

With our Life-Log preset mode, simply press and hold the shutter for 2 seconds, and YoCam will take photos automatically every few seconds. So, relax and enjoy yourself, because YoCam takes care of everything for you!

YoCam is small and portable, which is perfect for your everyday life. But it is also a powerful action camera that can record 2.7K/30fps high definition video. YoCam has all the advanced settings you need for active sports: burst shot, slow motion, delayed shot, time lapse, and more. We have designed a collection of adventure-based accessories for YoCam—and for you to enjoy recording video or taking pictures in all kinds of sports. Your only job is to be bold and have fun.

Here are some great moments we captured with the YoCam engineering stage 1 sample:

You can also use YoCam as a dash cam to record every ride you take in HD. When you’re in video mode, simply press and hold the shutter for 2 seconds, and YoCam will start recording 5 or 10 minutes’ worth of looping video automatically. The process is amazingly easy and convenient.

From day 1, we have been working hard on making YoCam a camera for the whole family. That way you will never miss another precious moment ever again. With our collection of innovative accessories, YoCam will be the most versatile life camera for absolutely everyone.

Hands-free. Enjoy your time with your kids, and never worry about missing another moment.

Unlike GoPro or other action camera, YoCam was designed for users of all kinds. This means that YoCam is not just for your own adventures, but also for you to share your moments and stay connected with your loved ones. With our mobile app, you can easily share or connect with your family, or even monitor your home from thousands of miles away.

With the Mofily mobile app, photo and video editing are all part of the fun. You can edit and share stories from your photos instead of storing them on your memory cards forever.

Here is a demo tutorial of how you can organize and generate a photo slideshow and share it with your friends:

Here is a demo story generated by the Mofily App:

And here is another cool feature of the Mofily App: our one-click photo book order. Instead of storing your photos on a memory card, why not print them out and keep them close by? With the Mofily App, all you need to do is pick a collection photos related from a specific event, or of a certain group of people. We will do the rest for you—and a customized hard copy photo book will be delivered to your door!

YoCam is portable and powerful in and of itself. But with additional accessories and a touch of imagination, YoCam will redefine versatility. Here are some of the amazing accessories we have designed for YoCam:

1. YoYo: the dedicated Bluetooth remote for YoCam

YoYo makes YoCam even simpler and more enjoyable. Our features include burst shots, time lapse, looping, slow motion and so much more. Everything can be done with just one click on YoYo!

2. Pendant Cord

A fashion piece that makes YoCam beyond portable. You can carry our product along wherever you go!

3. Clip Mount

The lightest way to transport YoCam. Our clip mount is also compatible with the pendant cord that we provide, which makes YoCam even more portable for traveling.

4. Small Adapter

This small piece makes YoCam all the more versatile. With this adapter, YoCam becomes instantly compatible with almost every action camera accessory on the market.

5. Clamp Mount

Tough, durable, and with a 360° swiveling head, our clamp mount can be used in countless scenarios. Simply clamp it to wherever you want to mount the YoCam: your pocket, backpack and other straps and fabric. It’ll even stay secure when you’re active!

6. 3 in 1 Magnetic Stand

This is our multipurpose stand for YoCam. It serves as a regular table/desk stand, complete with a magnetic mount for vertical surfaces and a wall mount when you use YoCam as a home safety monitor.

7. AnyBar: the most versatile bar/pole mount

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST. Thanks to the WoCase, a US action camera accessories brand and one of our collaborators, AnyBar will be fully compatible with YoCam. AnyBar will be the ultimate accessory for YoCam—with AnyBar, you can literally mount YoCam onto “any bar(pole)” and take videos from incredible angles.


A good product is about more than just concept and design—manufacturing is a critical part of bringing a good idea to fruition. Our exciting news is that YoCam impressed the world’s No. 1 OEM company, Foxconn, who manufactured the majority of Apple’s iPhones and iPads! Foxconn is committed to making YoCam for MOFILY, but they require a large volume of orders right off the bat. This is why we need your help. We’re counting on you to help us bring this great camera into mass production.



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