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Dec 9, 2015 2:56 PM ET

Archived: Relish the Love: A condiment company that will produce relishes, chutneys and jellies from around the world

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 9, 2015
Personal Story

Hi there, Welcome to my world of love and food!

I am not a trained chef, but here I stand. My background is in furniture design, but for as long as I can remember I have always chosen to surround myself with friends and food. I’d offer to whip up the occasional sandwich with whatever I happened to have in my pantry, but nothing fancy!

Five years ago, a switch flipped when I lost someone very dear to me alongside a drawn out divorce. The ensuing feelings of anger and loss weighed heavily on me and in order to distract myself from the grief, I started cooking and found myself completely immersed in the process. Cooking, especially amongst friends, helped me channel my loss into something positive. The kitchen became my sanctuary and it quickly became evident that I needed to share my culinary discoveries with loved ones, and eventually with all of you.

My first official adventure as a chef was experimenting with a relish recipe I had always liked. I researched the many benefits of medicinal herbs and spices, tinkering with the ingredients until I had something both mentally and physically curative: a creation I was truly proud of on so many levels. Sweet, spicy, and packed with nourishment, the resulting product turned out to be the perfect addition to my kitchen. Turns out my friends thought so too. The feedback was so enthusiastic and encouraging from so many that I made another batch, and another…

What began as a therapeutic culinary adventure morphed into a passion, and eventually into this distinctive and delicious relish that I have decided to offer not only my friends, but to all of you. Thank you for supporting my journey and to so many of you who encouraged my potential as a “real chef” along the way. I couldn’t be more excited to present the official launch of my burgeoning relish collection, Relish the Love – get it?

Business Description

I truly believe cooking and eating should be about playfulness and fun, and that’s what this is all about. From the colorful, Bollywood-inspired packaging to the vibrant flavors contained within, Relish the Love is a celebration of love and life!

Relish the Love is an example of how tough times can bring the best in you. I would like to expand Relish the love to others who might be going through a crisis and don’t have a way to get out. I envision being able to work with women in India or Morocco who have great relishes that we can sell under the Relish the Love brand. She would be able to make residual income while doing something she loves to do. I can only do this if I make my first product” Bombay to Goa” which is sweet spicy eggplant relish successful.

Relish the love is a condiment company that will produce relishes, chutneys and jellies from around the world. My mission will be to use the best ingredients and educate the consumers about eclectic condiments and healing properties of the spices within. The first product offered by Relish the love is “ Bombay to Goa,” a savory, sweet and piquant relish made with eggplant. It can be used as a dip, with your favorite cheese, in stews, a top pasta, as a poultry glaze, in scrambles and quiche, or simply smeared on a crusty baguette.

My target market are adventurous souls with eclectic palettes who enjoy a little spice in his or her food. It includes vegans and health conscious consumers who understand the healing properties of spices. Being an all-natural, vegetarian product with so much flavor it works as a perfect addition in the vegetarian kitchen.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I currently get orders online, have a few restaurants buying from me and more stores that would like to carry my relish. My issue is cash flow and initial investment. Right now I have been purchasing inventory at retail prices so my costing doesn’t allow me to sell in to super markets etc. which are the key to making this company successful .

Your support will allow me to buy jars, labels etc in bulk at a lower cost. At this point since I buy a couple hundred jars at a time I pay 73 cents per jar and 23 cents per label. If I buy these jars in thousands my cost for the jar goes down to 50 cents reducing my wholesale cost by $1.25 which is huge when a larger distributor is involved. With your help I will be able to work with larger distributors and increases my profits.

Contact Information:


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