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Dec 8, 2015 10:23 AM ET

Archived: PetPartner App: Helping pet owners take better care of their pets

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 8, 2015

PetPartner App

Helping pet owners take better care of their pets.


PetPartner is changing the way we manage our pet’s healthcare. We promote better pet health by helping vets and groomers connect with their clients through a native app and reminder system. Based on customer data, pet care visits have been steadily declining and we estimate that 40% of pets don’t get the annual care and vaccines they need. We’re determined to solve this huge problem in the pet care space.

To do this, we integrate with the pet care providers’ practice management system and reach clients across all channels – from postcards to email to a free app. We send reminders for appointments, annual check ups, vaccines, and more. We make it easy to both request and confirm appointments 24/7 – without a phone call. We’re now bringing on other partners to offer food, drugs, insurance, and more through that same channel. The next step is taking payment in the app for products and services to realize our vision of being the go-to app for pet owners.

Since launching in January of 2014 we’ve consistently grown and as of October 2015 we have grown 736% year-over-year. During that time we’ve also steadily increased our annual revenue per location from under $50/mo to over $250/mo. We’ve done this with a heavy focus on customer support and we’re averaging a 99.4% monthly recurring revenue retention rate.


Team Story

We (Ken and Taylor) met 10 years ago working at a top nanotechnology firm. After spending our 20s growing/managing that business until it was sold, we decided to start our own. So 2 years ago we listened to a very smart veterinarian (my uncle) explain the pet industry to us and the current problems with pet care. With each of our Shih Tzus as consultants we had found our calling – PetPartner App.

We saw a convergence in the pet space. Technologically underserved businesses, a microcosm of the larger service industry, good budgets, a customer retention need, and potential clients like us – crazy pet parents. Our vet and grooming advisers saw the transition of their clients from pet owners to pet parents. Their relationship was now much more personal, and with mobile being the most personal technology we felt that’s where we could make the biggest impact.

After alpha testing with 10 clinics, beta testing with 30, and then launching into the market, we quickly realized we had something. We then brought in Drew Davies who had founded TakeLessons in San Diego and helped scale that company. Drew helped us improve our sales process and help set the company up for our current scaling phase.


Contact Information:

Ken and Taylor, PetPartner

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