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Archived: Nam Hee Kim, Chairwoman of IWPG on World Peace Tour to Shed the Light of Peace

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Nam Hee Kim, Chairwoman of IWPG on World Peace Tour to Shed the Light of Peace

– U.S.A., El Salvador, the United Kingdom –

To protect our children from war and conflicts of the world and to give peace to future generations as a lasting legacy, IWPG Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim is working tirelessly with a mother’s heart, and her World Peace Tour is making huge progress wherever it reaches.


 Los Angeles, USA. Advancing the Light of Peace – HWPL Peace Event.

November 7, in Los Angeles, USA, the HWPL Peace Event was hosted by HWPL (Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light) titled Advancing the Light of Peace. Mayors, professors, women leaders and religious leaders convened and discussed plans to realize peace.

At the event, the chairwoman of IWPG said, “All of the participants are witnesses of peace and your passion has given us strength, inspiration and joy.” She added “I am reassured that you will make possible the enactment of the International Convention for the Cessation of War and the Achievement of World Peace.”


 Santa Tecla, El Salvador. Peace Monument Unveiling Ceremony

November 10, the unveiling ceremony of the Peace Monument was held in a peace park in Santa Tecla, El Salvador.

Kim was invited to the event by Roberto Jose d’Aubuisson Munguia, the Mayor of Santa Tecla. At the event she said, “it is an honor to join [the audience] on a heart lifting occasion of erecting the Peace Monument,” and added, “I sincerely ask all the families of peace in Santa Tecla that you will join your hearts for peace and to work with Mayor Roberto Jose d’Aubuisson Munguia for the work of peace.”


 London, UK. IWPG Network Peace Forum

November 13, IWPG hosted a peace forum at Clothworkers’ Hall in London under the theme The Role of Women in the Implementation of the International Convention on the Cessation of Wars and Achievement of World Peace with women leaders from diverse sectors present.

At the Forum, Kim moved the audience with her speech where she said, “We women have the spirit of devotion and sacrifice that does not spare our own lives to protect our children – that is the love of a mother, maternity. Every great person – regardless of their greatness – was brought to this world by women. That is the reason why women are a key ingredient that the world cannot do without for world peace.” She continued and stressed, “IWPG members in every country will urge the governments to follow suit with the International Convention on the Cessation of Wars and Achievement of World Peace, and they will become the eyes and ears in every endeavor and will speak in one voice.”

IWPG appointed four female figures as Publicity Ambassadors who pledged active work to support the enactment of the International Convention and the peace work of IWPG.
One participant told reporters, “Ms. Kim has the strength that brings together the hearts of women around the globe, and women from all walks of life trust Ms. Kim and are joining the peace work.”


 Oxford University, UK. IWPG Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim’s Lecture at the Model UN

November 15, Kim was invited to the Model UN (MUN) held at one of the most prestigious schools, Oxford University in the U.K. “With youths from all six continents together for the MUN at such an important time, it would not be an exaggeration to say today is one of the most important moments in the history of mankind,” Kim said. She added, “For your dreams to be realized, we must keep peace.”

When Kim told the students, “Although a caterpillar cannot fly, after it disregards itself and through sacrifice and devotion give up everything that made itself, it is born again into a butterfly that can fly. I am certain that you will bring that kind of change to the UN and let it fulfill its mandates for peace of mankind.” Her speech was met with a big applause from the audience.

At the closing remarks, Kim stressed the importance of the role of women and the youth to make an international convention for the cessation of wars a reality, and asked the participants to join the IPYG and to bring world peace.

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