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Dec 7, 2015 1:18 PM ET

Archived: The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists Book

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 7, 2015

The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists Book


The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists are a worldwide collective of Artists. This project is to fund a book which will be a collection of the members, the art and the exhibitions. SSOSVA dont take themselves too serious so expect some element of humour within!

At over 300+ pages, its a monster and there will be a few surprises in there. Featuring 288 member applications (Is yours one of them), Upfest, Liverpool, Australia, Scotland, Miami and London exhibition pictures. A few bare bums, a few pixelated faces, poems by Bumsy, Choice words from Silent Bill. 

Find Us

Web www.sssova.co.uk

Facebook www.facebook.com/ssosva

Twitter https://twitter.com/ssosvartists

Instagram #ssosva

. . . . want to know even more

The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists is set on making a difference in the world while having a little fun doing it. The branding and badges is nothing more than symbolism to our higher order, our secret handshake and passing nod, if you will.

We network among each other and participate in charity events and fundraising while setting up art exhibits to support our members on an international playing field. We hope to spread our roots throughout the independent art community and with that, affect thinking and awareness on a global level in due time with steady growth.

In other words, for artists and people alike; we fight the good fight. As members all we can offer you is our comradeship and the community in which we share. It’s up to you to if you want to improve on that community yourself.


Contact Information:

The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists

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