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Archived: FarmMaven: provides farm monitoring and operation systems to dairy farmers

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FarmMaven provides farm monitoring and operation systems to dairy farmers. The system lets the dairyman know the dairy parlor is running smoothly 24/7.

FarmMaven has developed wireless cloud-connected Machine-to-Machine (M2M) sensors that continuously check pulsator-health, milk temperature, wash water temperature, glycol temperature, vacuum pumps, and pH levels. These systems are so simple that they can be installed by the farmer. The system sends notifications via email, SMS, and a web interface. A key feature of the system is the very low rate of false-positive alarms. Rich analytics are provided to the farmer, and the system supports multiple levels of access including the farm hands, farm manager, farm owner, and multi-farm organizations. The farmer gains access to detailed graphs of the milking system and critical information such as battery levels, sensor signal strength, broken milking machines, and correlation with weather data when problems arise. In Motion Identification (IMID) is an advanced security system that identifies individuals using facial recognition and body movement to grant access to secure farm areas. IMID is a product that FarmMaven resells. FarmMaven uses a modern ERP system to execute business processes including sales, accounting, marketing, and support.

Products / Services

Sensors: Pulsation, temperature, pH, vacuum, wireless repeater, controller. Contracts: Yearly Monito

FarmMaven’s complete suite of products and services includes MilkMaven pulsation sensor ($395), MilkMaven temperature sensor ($505), MilkMaven pH sensor ($725), MilkMaven vacuum sensor ($395), MilkMaven wireless repeater ($115), MilkMaven controller ($500). All prices are in USD. In the research and development pipeline are a MilkMaven proximity sensor and power relay sensors for turning on and off machines on the farm.

Yearly Monitoring Subscription

MilkMaven Yearly Monitoring Subscription ($6-10/month/sensor, or $12/month/sensor for vacuum, temperature, or pH units if not installed with a pulsation install).

IMID access control solution

IMID (~$10,000 per secure access point + recurring).

Contact Information:

Mike Upton

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