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Dec 7, 2015 7:07 AM ET

Archived: Candy Kittens: THE MODERN CONFECTIONERS – Striving to make the finest sweet in the world

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 7, 2015

Candy Kittens

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At Candy Kittens we think of ourselves as modern confectioners. Having been frustrated by the dated traditions of the market, we are committed to bring something new to the world of confectionary. We were bored of the generic flavours and synthetic tasting sweets which were presented in cheap packaging and emblazoned with cartoons.

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Using natural, gluten free, ingredients we aim to produce the finest premium sweet in the world. We’ve worked relentlessly to create the best possible product using real fruit juice in every recipe to ensure the most authentic flavours. Having created these delicious and distinctive flavours we never mix them in one bag, so each of our consumers can purchase their own favourite…or favourites.

Targeting the style and taste conscious individual we aim to engage our customers in a fashionable and fun context. This is achieved through a mixture of online and social media activity that we feel is unequalled within our industry.


Intended impact

We are carving a niche in the market for premium gummy sweets. We want the Candy Kittens name to be synonymous with high quality confectionery; viewed as the must-have treat for the fashionable, millennial audience.

Substantial accomplishments to date

In February 2014 the first range of Candy Kittens Gourmet Candy was launched nationwide at Selfridges. Candy Kittens has become an established brand within Selfridges.

We have since launched with: Topshop, Booths, Ocado, Waitrose (2014), Sainsbury’s (2015) and Tesco (2015), together with a number of other high street retailers and numerous cafes, delis and distributors.

Our factories hold prestigious quality control certificates and ensure we achieve quality of the highest standards. All our stock is manufactured within the EU and stored in the UK which allows us to work to very short lead times and we have developed a first class supply chain which can, if necessary, deliver full production runs within 4 weeks.

In other words, we have an outstanding product, we have an enviable retail network, and we have the expertise and experience to deliver to a ever-growing universe of consumers. Now we need to accelerate our sales.

In 2014 we achieved sales of £254k*. In 2015 we won Waitrose which helped increase sales by nearly 40% to £350k*. This year in the 7 months to October we have almost reached last year’s full outcome (having added Sainsbury’s and Tesco to our outlets) and have recorded sales of £335k*.

*source: unaudited management accounts



Use of proceeds

We need to embark on a really engaging marketing campaign to significantly raise customer awareness of the Candy Kittens brand. Hitherto most of our attention has been devoted to developing the product, building an experienced team, proving our supply chain, and putting in place a retail distribution network. Now we need to build on our early successes and accelerate sales. To do that exercise properly we need to engage the best professional help that we can find and put in place a major marketing programme that we will run during the first half of 2016 and beyond.

We have chosen Hat-Trick to be our advisers in this exercise and we feel certain that their experience of similar campaigns will deliver what we need. Funds raised will be directed towards this awareness campaign and it is our firm view that we can double sales in the twelve months following this fund-raising.

The Company currently has £304,703 of outstanding loans. The proceeds of investment will not be used to repay the loans.

Ed jamie


Contact Information:

Jamie Laing
Edward Williams
Jonathan Baines
William Allingham
Charlotte Brask Rustad

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