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Dec 5, 2015 12:08 PM ET

Archived: Musicians United Across the Generations

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 5, 2015

Musicians United Across the Generations

Musicians United To Protect Bristol Bay

the project

46% of the remaining global abundance of wild sockeye salmon comes from one source – Bristol Bay, Alaska (National Geographic).  Unbelievably, this pristine ecosystem, the fishing industry that thrives there and the society of Alaskan Natives that have lived there for over 10,000 years are threatened with environmental destruction by a proposed “open pit” copper and gold mine.  

For three years we have been organizing musicians to use their music and their access to fans and media to spread the word about the struggle to protect Bristol Bay Alaska from being destroyed by the proposed Pebble Mine.

Our Musicians United Across the Generations Project  honors and encourages the contributions that musicians from 10-25 years old are making to the movement to protect Bristol Bay through an Alaska-wide songwriting contest.

Contestants can compete in either the General or the Alaska Native category.  The first, second and third prize winners in each category will receive cash awards of $250, $125 and $75.  In addition to the cash prize, the two first place songs will each have a video made; the songs and the videos will be posted on the Musicians United webpage and promoted on YouTube

Because of several recent court victories for opponents of the mine, many think the issue has been settled.  Through the songwriting contest, we will 1) sound the alarm for continued vigilance and action; 2) encourage and activate younger people to get involved; 3) diversify and grow our music base and audience,  spreading the word to more people.

the steps

1.  Convene a panel of celebrity judges

2.  Hire a project coordinator to work with our current membership, the judges, local organizations and musicians and their networks to identify how to get the word out about the contest

3.  Create a landing page where entries can be uploaded

4.  Conduct social media around the voting

4.  Judges pick 3 winners each in 2 categories; General and Native Alaskan

5.  All 6 winners get modest cash prizes

6.  Top winner in each category will get to work with our network to create a music video of their song.

7.  Those videos will be posted on our website and Youtube and promoted. 

why we’re doing it

The Pebble Mine would be a two mile wide “open pit” dig sited across the headwaters of both the Nushagak River (one of the top king salmon producing rivers worldwide) and the Kvichak River (the top sockeye salmon producing river in the world).

The mine complex would include a 740 foot high dam and a 10 square mile “pond” to contain (in perpetuity) the  up to 10 billion tons of toxic mine sludge the Pebble Mine would produce over its lifetime.  Worse, the entire area is seismographically active (a 9.2 earthquake in 1964 devastated Anchorage, less than 300 miles away).  Any release of mine waste into the surface or groundwater has the potential to devastate the entire ecosystem, as just happened two weeks ago to the River Doce in Brazil, when a tailings damn breached. 

Music teaches, inspires and changes hearts and minds.  About a year before he died, Pete Seeger, one of the greatest musical activists of all time, endorsed our efforts.  No one says it better.


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