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Dec 4, 2015 1:48 PM ET

Archived: ELECTRIC CAR CONVERSION: to create the first car conversion center combustion in electric cars

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 4, 2015


Tamai is a small company stablished in July 2014. Our dream is to create the first car conversion center combustion in electric cars. Our vision is to create an easy way to switch  combustion mobility to electric mobility. Manufacturing cars from scratch is utopian in our country.

We began by transforming the first automobile (January to December 2013),for technology testing.

The chosen automobile was a Ford Capri with over 40 years. This transformation proved to be technically simple , and this car would arouse some curiosity.

With the course of the bureaucratic process, the hope for success of a company of this kind in Portugal, has almost disappeared. Still, for us it is obvious that our country and the world need to switch to electric mobility.

The dream and the passion for cars remained unshaken and the idea of a car detailing business apeared. It would be a way we can begin to operate in the business and start making some money.

After just over a year, with the success achieved through great customer service and good online advertising,  Tamai in November 2015 achieved a move to a shop that allows us to advance to the next stages of the dream. We try with all our means to grow and be able to support research and conversion of more electric cars.

For this, the support we ask is for procurement of equipment for auto paint booth used. What we dream by the end of 2016 is to have a repair workshop that combines all automotive services:

Detail car – already in operation – allows you to recover body and interior, avoiding paint or upholsterer in many cases.

Car paint – We need a paint boot – for which we ask this support.

Mechanical Repair – We are building ourselfes  by our  monetary means.

Upholsterer – already provide the service, but we work through partnerships. We are willing to provide this service, but it will be the last phase.

This way we can serve our customers with all the services that a car may need, reducing the waiting time, price, and increase quality service,  with a view to one day have the financial capacity to Tamai be really an  Electric vehicles conversion center. Until then, we work to be an  auto repair centre, with profitability to continue investing in infrastructure for vehicle conversion.

Our passion for cars is perceived by our customers and “well done service” has been our formula for success. You Can better meet  Tamai through the site.

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