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Dec 2, 2015 5:49 PM ET

Archived: Vis-a-Vis: an app especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 2, 2015




Coming Soon!

I had this idea for an app especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It uses the device’s videophone capabilities. A “shopkeeper,” I’ll call him or her, can receive calls from potential customers who are anonymous, unless they decide to exchange contact information.

Calls are placed by potential customers by their activating a link in a page, post or e-commerce site item listing. In other words, a call is placed by clicking or touching a logo.

Everyone who uses the system must be a member. You don’t have to worry about giving out your Skype ID or phone number to potential customers

The app will be super-simple to operate: the shopkeepers’, and the customers’, versions of the app each have only three buttons: two for basic controls, and a ‘Block’ button for shopkeepers and a “Exchange Information” button for customers.

The thing is, I don’t want to just build an app. First, I want to establish relationships and partnerships with developers, marketers, technical experts, user experience experts, PHP pros, and with with anyone, really who can help me build this beast.

I want to build a team, an organization and a social network, and I want to do it organically, one relationship at a time. I’m already fairly sure that some really cool and smart people will want in, so to speak, but this is an ambitious project.

I call the app: “Vis-a-Vis,” because it provides a, “face to face,” encounter.

Funders and Contributors will each own a piece of the app.

The first version, a “minimum viable product,” might be done with $10,000 to get things rolling, and $50,000 to pay the mobile app, and PHP, developers-maybe. (Help!) But, even with that much funding, it would take a lot of contributors working for a share.

I’m told, the second version, with money transfers (probably through a third-party, like Square) would cost another $250,000.

Here’s a scenario of how the app would work:

I see an ad listing an item of collectible glass I’m interested in. But, I need to see the maker’s mark and color to determine the value. I notice the Vis-a-Vis logo and click it. Since I’m already a member I’m talking to the shopkeeper within seconds. And, my personal information is protected, including my name, unless I decide to share it with the shopkeeper.



What makes this app so unique

  • Several things: You place a call by clicking a link in an ad or sales listing; I don’t think anyone does that. Also, I don’t think anyone has come up with a way to allow customers to call anonymously, in complete safety and security.

Why we need your support

  • To start the mobile app developers
  • To pay the mobile app and PHP developers for Version 1
  • To add money transfers
Contact Information:


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