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Dec 2, 2015 12:00 PM ET

Archived: Outlook 2016 for Banking in Latin America: A focus on asset quality

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 2, 2015



Outlook 2016 for Banking in Latin America

A focus on asset quality

The economic slowdown will test Latin American banks in 2016. Regional banks are far from being able to enjoy the enormous growth rates in loans seen in previous years, and today their mission is to protect margins in an environment that threatens the portfolios of numerous financial entities.

Latin America has firmly hit the brakes, and Brazil and Venezuela are in recession. Lower demand for commodities from China, internal political failures in many countries and the expectation that sooner rather than later the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates has made executives who run credit risk in their banks nervous.

This new BNamericas Intelligence Series report analyses how banks will confront a 2016 which brings with it forecasts for more unemployment across the board, along with a host of bankruptcies in Brazil. Through a hard look at the numbers, the report unveils which financial systems are best prepared for what is to come.

There is expectation that the total credit offering in Brazil will increase next year, but the level of growth will only be half of what it was annually during 2009-2014. In Argentina, the numbers show a banking system that has managed to remain strong, and is waiting for the results of the election and the decisions of the new president who will take office on December 10.

In Mexico, meanwhile, banks have greater liquidity available than the market demands, so companies can potentially take on this cash should the second largest economy in Latin America confirm is recuperation. To access the first chapter click here.


Brazil: The Crisis Deepens

Mexico: Credit Picking up Slowly

Argentina: Banks Prepare for Adjustment

Chile: Portfolio Remains Steady

Colombia: 4G Driving Credit Demand

Peru: El Niño, an Unknown Factor

Venezuela: Conditions Deteriorate for Private Banks

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About BNamericas Intelligence Series

Focusing on emerging trends and forecasted prospects, the Intelligence Series works to identify opportunities for our clients in six leading sectors for Latin America. From an annual Industry Outlook to regular surveys of industry players to forecasts in each sector, as well as country and topical focuses, this product delves into the challenges faced and solutions developed in business practices for the region.


About BNamericas

BNamericas delivers on-the-ground insight and trusted business intelligence to companies and investors active and entering Latin America. Identifying opportunities early-on and connecting clients with business contacts and decision-makers across 12 industries, BNamericas is the edge your company needs in Latin America.


In addition to project-focused news and data, as well as C-level conferences, BNamericas analyzes macro movements that affect everyday business and future developments, including social, political, economic, regulatory, technological, financial and labor-related coverage. Connecting our clients with trustworthy and timely insights, BNamericas has been shaping the development of Latin America for 19 years.

Committed to helping businesspeople make more informed decisions about their operations, investments and movements in the Latin American business world, BNamericas delivers clients field-proven business intelligence packages including daily sector news, project and company databases, monthly analysis, quarterly statistical reports, and executive-level networking events.

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