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Dec 2, 2015 9:42 AM ET

Archived: Copper Tech: Copper Tech Golf Gloves for Arthritic Golfers

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 2, 2015

Copper Tech

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Every golfer plays for a different reason: Some play in order to beat their best game, some like the competition and others play for the sheer enjoyment. Regardless of why YOU play, LadyClassic has the gloves and accessories to enhance your golfing experience. 

LadyClassic starts each design with only the highest quality materials, from genuine cabretta leather, to newtec synthetic leather, and all-weather washable suede. We work directly with women to discover what it is that they really want in golf accessories. From fashion and comfort, to prestige and sophistication, LadyClassic has designed golf gloves and accessories that suite every golfing style. 

We did the same sort of research for our Copper Tech Golf Glove as well. The Copper Tech Glove has been disigned to offer relief and support to golfers that struggle with arthritis. This glove has been revolutionizing the way the game is played for our elderly players out there. Help us continue to grow our brand!

Is Arthritic pain, stiffness and soreness keeping you from enjoying  the activities you love?  The new copper infused CopperTech Golf Glove will fix that!  

The Copper Tech copper infused golf glove soothes arthritic hands and provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain. It reduces the recovery time of muscles while giving you compression comfort and relief just like the pros! Engineered with the healing magnetic properties of copper, this amazing CopperTech golf glove can help alleviate muscle stiffness and and joint pain. You’ll love the feel and fit of the amazing silicon spider weave palm using technology never seen before in a golf glove. The non-slip, woven silicon pattern uses new technology which improves slip resistance, even in wet conditions, plus it wicks sweat away to prevent chafing and rashes. The new Copper Tech Golf Glove is form fitting so one size fits all.  The Copper Tech Golf Glove utilizes a compression forming custom fit that helps to improve circulation of muscles. The Copper Tech glove is available for men and women for left and right hands.  Get back in the game!!!   Practice longer and play longer! The Copper Tech Golf Glove makes a great Holiday gift and stocking stuffer.

This Kickfurther offer will exclusively cover our Copper Tech Glove.

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Key Product Benefits:

 1.  Copper Tech gloves offer copper infused technology.  Copper has been used for centuries to help the body heal.  Copper Tech USA uses high grade copper fabrics to infuse our products with the healing properties of copper.  

 2.  Copper Tech gloves features a non slip silicon weave pattern palm for the ultimate grip and performance.  Silicon weave is a new technology introduced by Copper Tech USA to the golf industry.  If you secure feeling in your golf grip you will love copper tech gloves.

 3.  Copper Tech gloves supports improved circulation and blood flow oxygenation of working muscles in your hands.  Copper Tech gloves will make your hands feel better and help your sore joints with pain relief as you play.

 4.  Copper Tech gloves provide comfort from hand strain and fatigue by keeping muscles in your hands warm as you play.  The combination of copper and compression will keep your joints pain free as you play.

 5.  Copper Tech gloves have been designed with moisture wicking properties to effectively move moisture away from your grip. Copper Tech gloves will help keep your hands dry, prevent chafing, rashes and odors.

 6.  Copper Tech gloves will provide support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain.  The copper and compression technologies will help in your recvory time from pain in your hands.

Contact Information:

Lloyd Cohn

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