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Dec 1, 2015 11:29 AM ET

Archived: BÄJBI: The future big brand in organic children skincare

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 1, 2015


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Own a piece in the most honest organic skincare for children & mothers

How it all started.

Bäjbi was conceived when Jessica Eriksson had her own first child and realised that most baby products contained unnatural substances, unacceptable to use on the most precious in her life. Then she found the solution in her own family. 30 years ago, Jessica’s great aunt and granny started to make skincare products based on herbs and natural medicine, in their own small factory in Sweden. With the knowledge and experience from her great aunt, Jessica has now developed Bäjbi, produced by hand in the very same factory and with the philosophy to further improve the view and prospects for babies of today and tomorrow.


Inspiring to conscious minds.

With high quality products, an educational forum as well as environmentally friendly and conscious choices.


Care for human, nature, health and future.


Handcrafted and made in Sweden. For the love of nature. Bäjbi is made of clean, natural ingredients and manufactured by hand, with a strong focus on taking responsibility to support a better world with lots of great things to discover and enjoy.


Bäjbi is all about a positive vision for the future. A strong belief that the things we do today can make the world a little bit better. Inspired by a child’s curious and trusting view, we strongly believe that everything is possible. Specially when it comes to shaping a better tomorrow.

Born for better tomorrows.

BÄJBI strives to facilitate and make it as easy and as fun as possible for consumers to be converted in to satisfied paying customers. Once a customer has been converted the company shifts focus to get the customer to come back as quickly as possible.

What distinguishes us from many other producers is that we aim to take everything a little bit further than all other brands:

  1. We have an exciting true family story to tell the seller.

  2. We have a clear focus – Only children and pregnant

  3. We have an outstanding design

  4. Made in Sweden

  5. Certified Organic

  6. Support Local farmers – Procure locally produced ingredients from certified farmers.

  7. Nordic ingredients – Recipes consist mainly of Nordic ingredients with the same properties as raw materials from faraway states, we do this to reduce environmental impact.

  8. Natural raw materials – We add nothing in vain. Our products are as natural as they can be.

  9. Give it back – We are investing in charitable projects that enables a brighter future for our children but also help our brand reach the right forums.



Contact Information:

Jessica Eriksson

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