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Dec 1, 2015 1:34 PM ET

Archived: Arrow: A social media app where you have 3 spots to go

iCrowdNewswire - Dec 1, 2015



A social media app where you have 3 spots to go. The home page, Trending and blogs. You are anonymous but you can create posts with writing. You give your post a name and people can like and dislike but instead you have an up arrow and down arrow. You can comment what you and get up arrows but no comments on comments. The home page you see what is recommended from the pages you like. You can only post one post per blog to keep it narrowed down and refined. When you search you see the pages with most likes first. You can also look at the newest. Trending are the posts where you have the most likes created that week. Posts is where you can search for a post and create a post and look at your old post. You can change the colour of the banner at the top with a side arrow. You can post about anything like new shade of lipstick and comment what you want on someone else’s post. Its all about sharing your opinion. It is aimed for teenagers expressing their opinions about upcoming sports game or girls finding new cloth lines. Companies could see peoples opinions on features or new products before they release anonymously. Ads would be easy by putting them on everyones home page and pop ups. Please reply thanks. Jackson.

What makes this app so unique

  • Its anonymous and a great way to publicise events and products. Search and receive anything. A social media for anyone of any age!

Why we need your support

  • To get the app out there.
  • Grossing 1000 uploads
  • 100 000 uploads
Contact Information:

Jackson Webb

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