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Nov 30, 2015 10:22 AM ET

Archived: TERRAKOTA 6TH ALBUM: The band without borders, which turns the worldmap upside down, is now preparing their 6th album

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 30, 2015


Family! We are back on the road, bag on our back, instruments once more on our hands.

The journey for creating our sixth album has already begun!

We have been recording and we can now feel the strong blossoming flavors of the new songs. There is still work ahead, a long journey to roam and now it is time to meet with the most important ones on this project: you!

We want this to be a collective production, coming to reality with the contributions of everyone, made possible with the sharing of resources and will power within this big family! We reckon that in today’s music industry this is the best way to make musicians and audiences come together.

Join us in whatever way it is best for you! We will return your generosity with our gratitude and we will open the doors of our house: you will be able to make part of this creative process, either of the album or the show, join us in playing instruments, dancing, joining us on the road or having us play where you feel your home is.

All contributions are valuable and embraced. Spread the word about this campaign, join us on this journey!



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