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Nov 30, 2015 7:35 AM ET

Archived: BM Cosmetics is a cosmetics company designed by men for men: Helping men put their best face fwd

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 30, 2015

Helping men put there best face fwd

The story of the project

The story of the BM cosmetics for men

BM Cosmetics is a cosmetics company designed by men for men. Men and women have very different skin and I searched for years to find the right products to help hide those dark circles under my eyes from a long days work, or that little bit of extra colour a bronzer will give you instead of the sun.

I made many mistakes in my quest to find something that works for men’s skin and after many failed attempts to find something that worked, I decided to create my own cosmetics company. BM Cosmetics is there to help guys all over the world put their best face forward.

Hi my name is Beau Mooi the founder and CEO of BM Cosmetics for men. I use to be an actor/model, now businessman and have successfully evolved the beauty industry by launching Australia’s first ever line of men’s cosmetics. BM Cosmetics is designed to look completely natural on men’s skin, our range of cosmetics was developed to fit into a man’s busy everyday life and thanks to its unique formulation we are taking the Australian beauty industry by storm. Our products are Hypo Allergenic, Non Allergenic, Paraben Free, Fragrance Free and Non Comedogenic. We want your help in helping us make Australia’s first makeup company reach more guys to wear makeup through introducing a new lead product, gift packaging and marketing. We believe it will be a journey not to be missed and we would love for you to come on this journey with us.

We already sell worldwide and have customers from all over the world using BM cosmetics via our online store as well as stockist. We have been asked by our customers and stockist for a men’s tanning range of products as men’s skin is very different to women’s skin. We have formulated the correct ingredients for men’s tanning products to be made in Australia and your pledge money will help us bring this product to market for men all over.

We have already had a lot of press in Australia such as The project, Studio 10 morning show, DNA magazine, GQ, beauty blogs and big name Australian news papers. Recently we were approached by the Mister Universe South America to be sponsor of the contest and the winner received a BM Cosmetics gift pack. We are becoming the go to products for men all over the world and are proud to be an Australian company! We have an excellent social media follower-ship with over 25k followers through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

How the funds will be used

The next step for BM cosmetics with your help will be to introduce a new lead in product for men, a male tanning range of products, designed especially for men. This is a special formula as men skin is different to women’s skin as we know through our development of the makeup range. This new BM cosmetics tanning line will blend into men’s body and facial hair better and be more suitable to men’s skin tones and give you a better finished result.

We need to raise $30,000 to manufacture in Australia a tanning range of products for men,  and if we succeed the target for funding we will create the gift packaging for the makeup, create more products to send for overseas stockist and engage a marketing company to further expand the business.

We are proud to be an Australian company and we want people who help BM Cosmetics grow feel like they are part of our company and see all the great things that BM Cosmetics does. So pledge today and be part of Australia’s first men’s cosmetics company and help us help men all over the world put their best face forward.


The main challenge we had when starting this project was to find the right manufacture in Australia to make the tanning formula to the specifications we required and keep the price competitive against overseas manufactures.

The only way to succeed in keeping the tanning range Australia made is with your help with the pledges so we can manufacture the required volumes to be competitive. 

Contact Information:

Beau Mooi
Michael Stansen

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