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Nov 29, 2015 3:55 PM ET

Archived: GP Select will improve access to healthcare for our members

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 29, 2015

GP Select

GP Select


The GP Select project will improve access to healthcare for our members, reduce the current burden on the NHS and in the process change the way General Practice services are viewed an delivered across the UK.

The situation in the UK is getting steadily worse and access to GPs is getting harder. Our aim is to provide options for busy families and workers who really struggle to take time off and fit in with appointments that are availablie. In some part of the UK the average wait time if now 3 weeks. 

Our company has developed a multi platform approach to better delivering doctor services to the public. We want to allow those who can afford it to pay a little more to have quicker access to GPs thus freeing up the capacity for others. Our visiting doctor service actually comes to you where ever you are, at home, at work even in the gym if you want. We are fully regulated by the CQC and only employ UK doctors. 

Unlike normal GP surgeries we wont be burdened by huge amounts of paperwork or red tape so all our time can be dedicated to looking after our patients. We are open 7 days a week for 16 hours per day.

Members of our service will have guraunteed access to same day telephone, computer and face to face doctor appointments. As well is prescriptions and referrals. We offer different levels of membership based on needs and affordability and we have products for both business and for families or individuals, but each membership means;

  • Speak to a doctor straight away
  • Same day visits
  • No limits on time
  • Get care you need when you need it
  • No more delays in looking after your health
  • Get referrals for your private health insurance

We plan to have 1000 members in year 1 increasing to 3000 by the end of year two. Initially we will launch across the NW UK with detailed expansion plans into the South East and London in Year 2. 

We are looking to drive our initial membership through crowdfunder so your contributions should be based on your desire to join us and have our top quality team look after you and your family. Our doctors live and work across the north west of England. 

Memberships are priced from just £150 per year to £1000 per year. 

If you commit £150 you get 12 months telephone and skype consultations with our team of doctors (Silver Membership)

If you commit £500 you get the above plus 4 face to face appointments (You need to live in our launch area to use these) Additional household members are £50 (Gold Membership)

If you commit £1000 you get the above plus 12 face to face appointments (You need to live in our launch area to use these) Additional household members are £100 each (Platinum Membership)

Service will go live when we have reached our total or beyond. 

More information can be found here www.gpselect.co.uk or email ben@mednosticsolutions.com 

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