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Nov 28, 2015 8:06 AM ET

Archived: BIANCA PAQUIN: an amateur athlete, a boxer

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 28, 2015


We continually hear that an amateur athlete is one who never competes for payment or for a monetary prize. While this is true, I feel the definition of amateur athlete should be, love of their sport, excellence, determination, commitment and perseverance. For me, that is what my journey is about.

Hi, I am Bianca Paquin. I am an amateur athlete. I am a boxer.

When I was 13, I asked my dad to sign me up for boxing lessons. There was a gym close by to where I live in Spryfield, Nova Scotia. Little did I know that I would fall in love with the sport, so much so that I want to go to the Olympics representing Canada. There is no doubt in my mind that I will achieve this goal.

As an amateur boxer, I’ve been on Team Canada for the past three years as well as, boxing for Canada at several tournaments around the world. I have represented Team Canada at an International Golden Gloves Tournament in Serbia(2nd place), the 2015 Women’s Youth World Championships in Taiwan(11th place), and the Wilfredo Gomez tournament in Puerto Rico(1st place). I have won 3 National Championships in the flyweight division. I am especially proud to have been the recipient of, Best Youth Boxer in Canada award for the past three years.

The one thing the definition of “amateur athlete” doesn’t tell you is that we, the athletes, are responsible for every cost associated with our training, traveling to competitions, equipment etc. We support ourselves through, grant programs where eligible, but mostly by the efforts of our own fundraising events such as, bake sales, raffles, asking for community sponsors, family and friends.

As amateur athletes I balance this with the demands of training for my sport and my unwavering determination to represent Canada at the Olympic Games. That’s okay with me because I love boxing and I am willing to do what’s necessary to be the best and proudly represent Canada.

This upcoming year will be the start of my senior career. I have the Canadian Olympic Trials in Montreal from December 6-12, 2015. After that, my next major tournament will be the Canadian National Championships in April 2016.

There is not much government or public funding for boxing, my sport, my passion. While I have amazing family support I still need more help to reach my Olympic dream and win gold for Canada. I will be on that podium.

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