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Nov 27, 2015 11:05 AM ET

Archived: Sleep Made To Measure Pillow – The World’s ONLY Customised Pillow Is Going GLOBAL

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 27, 2015

Sleep Made To Measure Pillow

The World’s ONLY Truly Customised Pillow

Sleep Made To Measure is the result of Dr. Andrew MacFarlane’s life’s work, creating the world’s ONLY truly customised pillow.

Dr. Andrew has been a chiropractor and osteopath for 37 years. Having been asked by patients everyday what is the perfect pillow to get, he set out on a mission to develop a pillow that would suit every individual.

After having purchased hundreds of pillows from every corner of the world for his research into what it is that makes a perfect pillow, he found that to create a perfect pillow, it was a combination of 4 unique factors that need to go hand in hand. These are:

  • Sleeping Position
  • Shoulder and head measurements
  • Body Weight
  • Firmness of Mattress.

Dr. Andrew owns the patent for the ruler he designed for measuring as well as several other patents on his full range of products.

Since its launch 4 years ago, more than 9,000 pillows have been sold in Australia alone. Sleep Made To Measure has just launched in Singapore and is setting its eye on several other countries in Asia in 2016. It will also launch in the US in November 2015.

Help Us Bring Nights Of Great Sleep To More People Around The Globe

With more than 9,000 pillows sold in Australia alone, we can’t wait to bring Sleep Made To Measure to more people around the world.

We have just launched the pillows in Singapore in 2015 and a US launch in November 2015, we’re looking to bring to several countries in Asia in 2016, The money we raise in this campaign will be used to bring Sleep Made To Measure to China, Hong Kong and India with funding of 40% on marketing and advertising, 30% on educational and outreach to healthcare professionals and the remaining spent on distribution channel fees and samples.

Be part of helping us bring better sleep to even more people in the coming years! We thank you for your support!

A Greener World With Better Sleep

Besides his deep seated passion for improving the health of his patients, Dr. Andrew is deeply devoted to being environmentally and socially responsible.

He went in search of manufacturers internationally to find someone who had the same mission. He found Latex Green in Sri Lanka, which is the ONLY manufacturer of Carbon Neutral Organic Latex in the world. And with this partnership, Sleep Made To Measure Customised Pillows is both The World’s ONLY Truly Customised Pillows as well being made of The World’s ONLY Carbon Neutral Organic Latex.

When you buy a Sleep Made To Measure Pillow, you are helping to save the world’s environment as well!

What Makes A Good Pillow?

Finding the perfect pillow has been an elusive wish for nearly everyone! Everybody is different, their mattresses are different and no one except Sleep Made To Measure takes into consideration how to create the perfect pillow for EVERY individual.

Using a patented measurement ruler created by Dr. Andrew, anyone can easily create a pillow that is custom-made to ensure good fit and healthy sleep.

Sleep Made To Measure customised pillows are not sold in retail stores. It is only available through clinics or online order. Our customised pillows are delivered via UPS within 10 working days of order.

Measuring Yourself Is Easy!


Get your measurements by using our online tool or have a ruler sent to your via mail.

Use the measuring tools as instructed and fill out our form with details for your

  • Sleeping Position
  • Shoulder and head measurements
  • Body Weight
  • Firmness of Mattress.

That’s all it takes!

Contact Information:

jacqueline lee

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