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Nov 26, 2015 6:18 PM ET

Archived: Sustainable Farming with Joy Aquaponics Hatchery

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 26, 2015

Sustainable Farming with Joy Aquaponics Hatchery

Urban Aquaponics farming is a solution to food security, unemployment, & poverty. Traditional farming is unsustainable.

The Problem

The world is facing the convergence  of several events that will profoundly effect the quality and even the very existence of life.

* Global Warming – Agriculture generates 30% of all green house gas emissions

* Food Security – When the supermarkets shelves are empty – there is no food!

* Loss of Arable Land – 40% of all land is engaged in growing crops

* Food Waste – 50% of all food grown is lost in transport before it reaches our table

* Fresh Water Scarcity – 70% of all water is used for growing food, over the next 50 years that need is expected to grow dramatically

*  Explossive population growth – Currently 7B  and 9B by 2050.

*  Deforestation – Massive chunks of forests are being clered for agriculture.


The Solution

Sustainable urban growing aquaponic businesses, forming the basis  for an economy of worker owners, who will support their families and their communities. This productivity can be as much as 15 times the output per hectare of rural agriculture.

A Commercial aquaponics hatchery is a proof of viability of commercial aquaponics.

1. It has three crops:

*** strawberries, a high value crop and

*** fish fry hatching of tilapia fry

*** Organic fish fertilizer

2.  Monthly output as opposed to the long duration table fish.

3. Needs small space suited for urban setting

4. Also intends to hatch high value ornamental fish.

Quality seed fish is the key to:

1. Reviving the fish farming industry in developing countries by restocking the heavily depleted water bodies in the country. 

2. Nile tilapia the worlds most consumed fish,

*** a walm water fish 70 – 85 deg Fer,

*** is a native of Africa and

*** Nile tilapia is from the source of the Nile river, Uganda with many sweet water streams, lakes.

*** an all year average suitable temperature of 71 to 85 deg Fer. 

Your support will help expand the existing aquaponics hatchery from the current 10,000 fry /month to 120,000 and set stage for 1,000,000 fry a month.  We will source our parent stock from the original gene bank in the wild for quality pure breed fish.  We will be able to supply local fish farmers, the Governments lake restocking program and export to the regional market.

Solar pv panels will ensure uninterrupted power supply to the farm and elimination of regular cost of the national grid electricity.  The solar hot water system will provide  the needed warm water to ensure optimal fish growth in the right temperature all year round.

We will also expand our internet café to a data center for making training materials and gathering data from farmers established aquaonics systems.


We introduced aquaponics to the country in 2011 and won a Citybank award in 2012 and 2013 with a total cash price of Utx 9000,000 which we reinvested in purchase of water tanks, equipment and expanding the system.  We have had several press reviews from local and international press.

We have trained more than 800 Ugandans in our monthly hands on training workshops.  We now feel that Ugandans need a commercial functioning system demo to embrace and invest in the technology. 

Donate to make this happen and set the stage for fast introduction of aquaponics technology in the region.

* 10,000 buys a solar system to enable the farm get of the unreliable expansive national power grid

* 7,667 sets up a fish incubator equipment with 120,000 fry output per month

* 4,167 installs more fish tanks

*  4,233 sets up strawberry growing area in A frames

* 1,333 expands fish fry nursery to 120,000 fry a month

* 2,367 provides an emergency power back up system

* 1,193 expands our brooder stock fish delivery system

* 1,000 expands the female brooder tanks

* 1,000 expands the male brooder tanks

* 2,303 installs a microprocessor based monitoring and control system for the whole farm.

* 2,170 Equipment for the research and testing lab facility

This is a husband wife and kids project that we have been running for more than 4 years as a demonstration system.  From the humble beginning of farming frogs instead of fish tadpoles mistaken as fish fry (that ignorant we were) to starting with an old fridge body as a fish tank with a budget of less than $100 to winning CITI bank Entrepreneurship awards in the two consecutive years.

Our daughter Angela took a course in Fish farming and she is currently working as the fish manager as she waits for results to continue for her studies.


Join our community on Facebook herehttps://www.facebook.com/AfricaAquaponicsAssociation/

– See more at: http://startsomegood.com/Venture/joy_aquaponics_hatchery/Campaigns/Show/sustainable_farming_with_joy_aquaponics_hatchery#sthash.pgnoJXrT.dpuf

Contact Information:

Joy Aquaponics Hatchery

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