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Nov 26, 2015 5:38 PM ET

Archived: Michael Menager – NEW ALBUM

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 26, 2015

Michael Menager – NEW ALBUM

The story of the project

The story of my new CD project is really the story of a friendship. A friendship that is based upon mutual encouragement and mutual inspiration. The kind of friendship that I have with my producer and collaborator, Heath Cullen.

The day came when I had worn a path across Heath’s welcome mat, playing him song after song that I was writing at the time, and when – simultaneously − he was eyeing off a trip to Los Angeles to re-invigorate his musical connections over there. “Why don’t you come over there with me?” he asked. “We could make a record. This time with a band. I’ll organise everything. And hey, I’ll see if Jim Keltner might be available to do percussion. It’ll be great!”

On my debut album, Clean Exit, there is a song called “Opportunity.” One of the verses goes like this:

Well opportunity’s like a taxi cab
Roll up sometime to take you for a ride
Opportunity’s like a taxi cab
Roll up sometime to take you for a ride
But it won’t wait around forever
You got to hurry up and climb inside.

So – in a nutshell – Heath’s invitation to me was exactly like that: a taxi cab that rolled up one day, out of the blue.
But then of course I already knew that Heath had a pretty good notion about driving, and that he was familiar with some pretty interesting destinations. So I hopped on board.

And now here we are, with a new record just busting to get out there, like a young and spirited horse at the starting gate.


How the funds will be used

If we reach our Pozible funding goal of AUS $7500, it will only be because of the faith and trust placed in us by you: an assortment of people, spread out over several continents, who have a common belief that independent music has its place in our world, and deserves a chance.

Accordingly, if we are successful, it will be our duty and privilege to honour this faith and trust to the maximum, and to produce a finished product of the highest possible quality.

The specific channel for the Pozible funds will be to propel the CD project through the final stages of mastering, art and graphic design, printing and pressing. In short, to give the project concrete form so that it can make its way out into the world.

And, hopefully, we can also be frugal and clever enough to have some of the Pozible funding for use in sending out the message − in print, over the airwaves and through the media songlines − that there’s a new arrival on the way!


Contact Information:

Michael Menager

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