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Nov 25, 2015 8:04 AM ET

Archived: StakeDaily Fantasy Sports For Mobile

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 25, 2015

Stake is a daily fantasy sports app for the casual fan. We outpace our competition by providing mobile, on-the-go gameplay, and patented tools to help those who can’t (or simply don’t want to) devote hours on end studying stats and trends compete against the ultra sports betting “sharks.”

We allow everyone to participate and join in on the fun, even those who aren’t tech-savvy or don’t have the time or desire necessary to compete against those who do. We provide a fully legal and legitimate outlet within the huge fantasy sports and sports gaming market.


There are too many well-established “sharks” in the daily fantasy sports industry for the casual fan to compete against. Many sports fans are discouraged from participating in these games because they (rightfully) know that they have little to no chance of winning against people who devote hours on end to learn the technology and study the statistics.

Additionally, traditional fantasy sports are tied down to technical and equipment requirements that today’s modern sports fan simply does not identify with. Smartphone and tablet sales vastly outpace laptops, yet almost all fantasy sports are web-based.

We operate as a mobile app, delivering on-the-go gameplay. Along with a low barrier to entry, we have created a system that gets back to the fun origins of fantasy sports and allows everyone to participate.



In order to do this, we had to create four patent-pending technologies:

Users select whole fantasy teams, not individual players. This autofill feature gets users to the action quicker, with just a simple swipe. To accommodate fantasy sports legal requirements, we make sure the user has the ability to maintain the skilled control over their team selection if they want — but not too much control so as to make the game tedious.

Location-tracking to suggest choosing a team composed of your favorites.Stake knows you live in San Francisco and makes it even easier to choose players based on teams our algorithm tells us you like. You might even be at the Giants vs. Dodgers game that day and can watch your fantasy team live, adding even more intrigue and raising the stakes.

Stake simplifies the stats. Winners are determined from one statistic (Stake points), not a confusing combination of statistics and fractions.

Customizable contest parameters. Stake users aren’t limited by set spreads and betting lines. They can enter fantasy contests however they choose while also raising or lowering our version of the spread and moneyline, thereby better controlling their potential winnings.


Because we’re a strictly mobile platform, we have set ourselves apart from the rest of the fantasy sports industry. With simple swipes, Stake users can pick their teams and enter their contest on the way to work or during long layovers. Games on Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, FanDuel, and DraftKings require using web browers which are clumsy on mobile devices. With Stake, joining in on the fun has never been easier and more accessible. 

Being in a $200B per year industry is great as well.

Stake will roll out with fantasy baseball at first. We will then expand to fantasy football, and then every other major sport with a reasonable following.

We plan to offer all the traditional game types associated with fantasy sports, starting with simple head-to-head matchups. Users can also play multiple games at once on Stake.

Essentially, we’ve kept all the good parts of traditional fantasy sports and changed the rest. 


Like all fantasy sports, our popularity will grow exponentially from celebrity endorsements. When fans know that their favorite players use a product, they want to use it as well. We already have relationships with many of the biggest names in sports. We will engage our mega-stars at launch to endorse Stake via social media (just by telling people about the contests they enter), instantly providing credibility and celebrity pizzazz to our app.

We also have our technical providers lined up:

for stats. SportRadar helps Stake create the only fantasy sports product that can determine winners and losers from only one statistic (i.e. Stake points).   

for location tracking. eeGeo not only tracks location, but provides killer renderings of your local stadium. This greatly increases the enjoyment users get from Stake.

for the payment gateway. Braintree is the same company that Uber uses for their user-friendly payment portal.

These are trusted and innovative names in their industries.   

We also have 16 million users from affiliate relationships in place. Our turnkey approach, developed through our experience and network, will establish Stake as the leading brand for daily fantasy sports in a 6 month period.

We are slated to make our launch on November 1, 2015 in Boston, but need your help to make Stake as awesome as possible! 


In other words, feel confident putting stake in Stake!


Ryan Morgan, Founder & CEO
Ryan is a former attorney at Morrison & Foerster Law Firm, as well as the founder of MAG, a sports client contracts negotiations and athlete licensing company. MAG has negotiated contracts for some of sports biggest stars, including Pablo “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval, Odell Beckham Jr., Chris Brown, Rashied Davis, Jarius Wright, Ryan Allen, LeGarrette Blount, and Jordan Poyer among others. He also represented six Olympians at the 2008 Beijing games, including 3 Gold Medalists in beach volleyball. He is also an experienced consultant in the fantasy sports industry. After noticing severe problems and market opportunities through this work, he launched Stake in early 2015. He oversees everything from product design to company strategy, implementation, and execution.

Kevin Slicker, COO
Kevin makes sure the Stake ship runs smoothly, providing operational support on implementation and execution decisions. Prior to joining the team, Kevin was a top consultant for the sports gaming industry. He advised numerous gaming startups on marketing strategy, legal issues, graphics, promotions, customer service, and client acquisition. Everything Kevin does is designed to allow maximum growth.

Nathaniel Malka, Product Consultant
Nathaniel takes Ryan’s vision for the app and makes it a reality. Formerly the Director of Strategic Planning at Walt Disney Studios, Nathaniel has over a dozen years of experience in innovation ecosystems. Between his work in corporate digital strategy, early and late-stage startups, investment banking, and venture capital, Nathaniel brings unparalleled experience connecting the dots between new technologies, market trends, competitive dynamics and financial and organizational constraints. His BA from Harvard and MBA from The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University help as well (sort of).

David Yamamoto, User Interface/Design Guru
David is responsible for the incredible user experience that is one of Stake’s biggest selling points. David leverages his wide background to create stellar products for the Stake team. He has worked in several fields including banking and finance, import and export, and real estate investments, specializing in innovation and technology through all those experiences.

Contact Information:

Ryan Morgan
Kevin Slicker
Nathaniel Malka
David Yamamoto

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