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Nov 25, 2015 7:32 AM ET

Les Joli: Providing natural and organic products that fix the targeted problem in a safe and natural way

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 25, 2015

Les Joli

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Les Joli will introduce:
Mum and Baby range – which will include; Shampoo, Body wash, Body butter, Nappy cream, Nipple cream, Baby lotion.
Face and Body range – Les Joli Gold premium face cream, Body cream, Eye serum, Body scrub, Body butter, Foot balm, Hand and Nail cream.

We also want to rent a larger premises in Leeds city centre where we can hire two customer service and sale representatives to help with contact potential distributors.

All new products are in stages of finalisation and the money we initially wanted to save has been used to re invest into our research and development as we can currently see a gap in the market place and would like to secure our position as fast as possible.

In a society where the unnatural has become normality we believe it will and has been a refreshing change for customers to purchase beauty solutions that not only work but are organic or where it is not possible for us to achieve the organic status we settle for a close 100% natural status.

Les joli elixir

Intended impact

Les Joli believe the implementation of these new products our targeted audience will improve health and overall well being by not only using healthier and organic products but also improving products and everyday general health.
Within the Argan range we also have Argan Ghassoul which is a clay based resin derived from Argan oil that can be used as a revitalising face mask to which we plan to approach spas and other health associations throughout the country along with selling to the general public.

GoldCosmetica Gold Mask is dedicated to efficacy and well being. The treatment is easy to apply and you can continue using your approved cosmetics. No equipment or additional tools are needed.
The performance and remarkable efficacy have been tested and measured by the Skin Test Institute Switzerland. A clinical test showing the visibly improvement of skin health and appearance in terms of radiance, elasticity and firmness.Thus, GoldCosmetica Gold Leaf 24 K Treatment is a perfect anti-ageing skin care.

Our silver version has been design for troubled skin as silver holds natural anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative properties amongst various other healing properties to ensure the care and vitality of skin is well maintained .
This may seem like lot of work for a small company such as ourselves however we have designed everything in mind with straight production process. All of the research has been concluded and we have tested these products on ourselves.

We found that the market for hair oils has grown in the last few months with brands such as L’Oreal launching a number of new products infused with flower extracts and oils. Most of the main hair brands have currently oils in their range. Specialist oil that offer repairing qualities such as Moroccan oil are now sold through high street retailers as well as salons.

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Substantial accomplishments to date

Les Joli has increased its turnover in the last 2 years of trading and now wish to expand the business by introducing 15 more products to retail. We have taken the business to a total turnover of £300,000* to date.

*Source: unaudited management accounts.

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Use of proceeds

Primary use of the funds:

– Stock
– Advertising
– Accountant fees
– Trademark registration
– Product testing
– Property lease


Contact Information:

Shaz Westfield

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