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Nov 25, 2015 4:46 PM ET

Archived: FetchMeThere – Final stage funding: an application which is close to completion and with a pending patent registration which will run on the two most common mobile phone operating systems, Android and iOS

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 25, 2015

FetchMeThere – Final stage funding



Fetch Me There is an application which is close to completion and with a pending patent registration which will run on the two most common mobile phone operating systems, Android and iOS. It consists of a free application which allows users to be voice guided by their phones to a location which is sent by a second user’s phone; this can happen even in places where there are no street names or house numbers.

Businesses on the other hand will be visited by our agents who show them our sale videos which are being prepared by a specialized company http://commercialproduction.tv/ to convince customers to subscribe to our GPS business directory for a fee of USD 15/year.

Fetch Me There application is linked to a Multilevel Marketing Program which gives agents a very lucrative business opportunity by selling this application as well as future application which are already being planned today. Commission plan details are found in the agent page on our website www.fetchmethere.com.

We personally visited 20 businesses in one day and got 18 positive responses to our proposal; those businesses confirmed to us that they would immediately subscribe to our directory service if it existed. We now have approximately 600 agents ready to work for us and they will be able to subscribe as agents and prepare their subagent’s subscriptions 2 weeks prior to the launch of the “Business Package”. We foresee that each agent will bring at least 8 to 10 subagents into their structure.

Fetch Me There will be launched only in Kenya during the first month, in order to fine-tune the strategy for the worldwide launch. During this first month we will already contact MLM companies throughout the world to propose distributing Fetch Me There though their existing agents.

Very conservatively, even with only 8 sales per day, on 25 days per month and at USD 15 per sale; our 600 agents will produce very impressive turnovers as of the first month. The key to the success of the project are the agents, who will be given the opportunity to make high incomes and thus boosting turnovers to levels far beyond to what could be expected by viral propagation.

To unlock the potential of this opportunity, we are looking for an immediate investment of $100,000 to give a 10% equity stake in this business. USD 110’000 have already been invested to get the application to this stage.

The final investment amount can be subdivided into many smaller investors who will all share in the 10% equity. This investment will cover the finalizing of the application, various subscriptions, marketing and salaries. A detailed cost budget is available on request.

What makes this app so unique

  • Unique concept combining a great mobile app with a MLM distribution setup.
  • 70% of the World has no street names and house numbers… so huge potential
  • Application is 8 weeks from launch – 8 weeks from making money
  • Worldwide distribution through MLM network – direct sale – B2B
  • Many more interesting mobile apps to be developed for the same platform.

Why we need your support

  • Testing and marketing of the free app FetchMeThere
  • Development of the Business and Agent module, as well as the MLM back end application
  • Marketing setup for the launch
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