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Nov 25, 2015 12:12 PM ET

Archived: CLAW Children’s Book: Zee Rescues a Friend

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 25, 2015

CLAW Children’s Book:
Zee Rescues a Friend
An education tool – this book has a message of pet care and compassion


CLAW’s free veterinary care and advice, plus their ongoing involvement with the community has been hugely successful. They give back to the people of Durban Deep, and that’s why the community trusts them. A lot of the time it’s the kids that report stray dogs and poisonings and walk for many, many kilometres to bring their dogs/cats in for vaccinations/ veterinary treatment.

This book, “Zee rescues a friend” will be an extra education tool reaching EVEN MORE kids in the township, reinforcing pet care do’s and don’ts.

The story is essentially inspired by each and every one of them, based in the informal settlement. It’s a happy, fun story that will inspire the children and one that they will remember forever and relate to.

We would love for this book to be in every classroom in the township, every house and read by every child so that caring for animals and showing kindness and compassion becomes ingrained in their natures.

Our hope is for this book to be a tool that builds a better society, for kids to grow into kinder adults. When a child has empathy for all living creatures then they have empathy for other human beings. And this can only mean better things for South Africa.

So that’s why we hope you share in our love and passion for this project. It’s not just a story, it’s real life, and it can change the world!

The CLAW Team CLAW has earned the trust and respect of the people of Durban Deep
CLAW’s continuing education in the community is paying off CLAW’s vets and nurses provide quality care and treatment to this impoverished area
The Durban Deep kids are proactive in their pets’ health walking for many kilometers to bring their pets to CLAW When kids have compassion for animals, they become better adults, building a better society


Milestone 1 –  R15 000
The Tipping Point
Print & distribute 500 books

Milestone 2 – R35 000
Print & distribute 1000 books

Milestone 3 – R50 000
The Ultimate Goal
Print & distribute 1000 books and donate pet food and pet care packages to Durban Deep pet owners


Contact Information:

CLAW Community Led Animal Welfare

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