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Nov 25, 2015 9:40 EST


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Our Mission

To provide High School and Club Sports with online radio capability and live play-by-play sports broadcasting of their favorite sports and teams across America.

At CityPrepRadio.com we all come to work every day because we want to help High Schools deliver the best in sports coverage for the sports and athletes we love to watch perform.

Our mission at CityPrepRadio.Com is to deliver game day news to you on a weekly basis. Today, we are moving to become the preferred source in the industry. At CityPrepRadio.com – IT’S ALWAYS GAME DAY!

Dakarai Box, CEO and Founder

Dakarai Box is a native of Colorado and alumni of Denver East High School where he played football. He went on to play at Ventura College in California for 2 years. Growing up, Dakarai has always had a passion for sports and looking back on the memories and excitement on the game sparked the creation of CityPrepRadio which launched in February 2014. He always had a desire to bring sports media into high schools, and CityPrepRadio has allowed him to share his dream with the world. Dakarai eats, breathes and lives sports! He uses sports as a way to bond and connect with family and friends. When he is not broadcasting a show, he spends time coaching youth club basketball and assists with his son’s high school football team. Dakarai and his wife, Haneefah are devoted parents to a blended athletic family of 7; Dakarai (football) -17. Kahseem (football)- 16, RaiJuan (basketball)- 15, Khaaliq (football and basketball) -14, Ariel (basketball) -13, Ruqayya (basketball)- 10 and Akilah -1. They are currently looking for a 1 year old league for Akilah.


The Meaning Behind The Logo

The Mountains– symbolizes an athlete’s journey from start to finish. The higher up you climb the mountain the smaller the group becomes. The journey also gets tougher and it requires more mental dedication along with family, community, friends, coaches, teammates, and parents support.

The Head Phones– music is a part of every day for male and female athletes. Whether it’s practice, before or after the game, it helps you get in tune with yourself and allows the athlete to focus.

The Athletic Sports Symbols – this encompasses who we are at CityPrepRadio. We are for the athletes and the sports they love. The symbols truly speak for themselves as we want to grab the attention of every athlete, fan, alumni, student, and sports enthusiast.

The Word City– best describes an area for any athlete wanting to represent their location no matter where in the state they live. City in this sense doesn’t describe the big lights or buildings, it speaks to the community that you, your team, and alumni represent.

Contact Information:

Dakarai Box

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