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Nov 24, 2015 1:25 PM ET

Archived: Ouchie – A wellness social network for people in pain

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 24, 2015

We’re a mobile and web app that provides a community for pain sufferers around the world. Our platform is specifically designed to hear your health complaints – but unlike your Facebook friends, we won’t turn a blind eye. Our vast network of both like-minded users and useful medical sources is here to point you in the right direction and get you feeling better. Say “Ouchie” no more!


For better or worse, those who like to make their opinions known have arrived at their Golden Age. Today’s social media world has opened the door for trash talking, political rants, bickering about pain – you know, complaining of all types. Unlike your crazy aunt complaining about the national deficit, though, the latter of these actually has useful potential. If organized properly, social network-based interaction can do wonders for those with scrapes, bruises, and even more serious medical ailments.

The concept of a social-medical network for the masses is one with great potential that has yet to be realized.  WebMD laid the groundwork in 1996, but innovation (especially the social aspects) has been slow to follow.  Current similar solutions:

So what’s the solution for what ills the market, and what ills you?


Ouchie is the solution that sufferers everywhere have been waiting for. Our mobile and desktop app serves as a digital gathering place to complain about your pain. But we aren’t just a sounding board – our awesome social capabilities and incredibly broad platform of knowledge allows users to find others in similar pain, and – most importantly – to heal yourself and others.

Ouchie delivers an organized, welcoming and easy-to-use experience for people suffering from all sorts of physical or emotional pain. Or, for those who just love to be heard, it’s an outlet to vent. From those with minor scrapes to top surgeons, users have the ability to post their ailments and advice publicly or privately. They can choose just how they want others to interact with their complaints, find medical and peer support with mapping features and even send virtual and physical condolences to those in pain with a gifting feature.


In the grand scheme of things, Ouchie is your grand healer – bringing like-minded complainers together and getting results. But it’s what’s behind the curtain that really counts, and allows us to provide this great service. Here’s more of the features and uniqueness that we offer:


A Big Apple power couple heads up the executive team at Ouchie. It is led by husband and wife duo Jason and Rachel Trobman from New York City. Through their mobile and web development company STRIKEink, they’ve helped craft and launch companies with values totaling over $20 million. Now, however, the time has come to take the plunge themselves. Ouchie has been crafted with the same diligence and attention to detail that they crafted for all of their successful clients.

Rachel Trobman, CEO
Rachel is a seasoned digital content and project management expert who’s worked directly with a number of big-name publishing brands. The New York Times, Yahoo! News and AOL are just a few she’s proud to boast. She’s now tasked with leading Ouchie – managing fundraising, product development, marketing, personnel, and crafting company culture as the CEO.

Jason Trobman, CTO
An engineering expert, Jason is seasoned in the communication of technical concepts, architecting scalable solutions and developing both frontend and backend technologies. More importantly, perhaps, is his access to strong and affordable talent – having led teams at the NYSE, America Media Inc. and Digital Pulp. As CTO, Jason will oversee the engineering team from ideation to execution.

Contact Information:

Rachel Trobman
Jason Trobman

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