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Nov 23, 2015 3:35 PM ET

Archived: SUPER SUPER-HEROES: a story about the psychologist, Dr. André, who has a superhero trauma

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 23, 2015


André dos Santos Migueis is a psychologist who was recently hired by the Association Super Super Heroes to help in the rehabilitation of Super Heroes that are in decline in his career. But Dr. André will face his major trauma with Superheroes problem will come with the imminent arrival of a powerful villain and Dr. André will have to train Superheroes for the able face.Will they overcome their trauma and together with Super Super Heroes defeat this villain? Do not miss …

The project will undergo some changes to the original model that was introduced in the pilot episode. We will make a style of comedy / documentary, where the team itself will go over the episodes, so interacting with the characters themselves / superheroes.

It’s a stupidly funny story and it promises a lot of laughter. It will be told through different platforms, in which each will give the viewer a new understanding of the characters.

The struggles and achievements of the challenges guided by Dr. André will be placed on the facebook page. The dr Blog.André, site where viewers can ask questions and learn more about the disgust he has on these patients.

The viewer may also ask questions to the Dr who will be selected and answered weekly.


Contact Information:

João Mateus Gualdino

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