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Archived: Rope Access Maintenance: to introduce the rope access model & scaffolding solutions

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Rope Access Maintenance

  • Leader in Rope Access Maintenance – The scaffolding sector is approx 2.5Billion Canadian sector. Scaffolding accounts for 30-35% of maintenance costs. Rope Access Maintenance permits any company to reduce the cost by 30-80% in time and money. Rope Access maintenance is becoming embraced by refining, petrochemical, pulp & paper, infrastructure, steel mills, commercial property to name several.
  • Efficiencies –  Unlike any time in the past every industrial sector is searching for cost reductions. Rope Access provides immediate measurable cost advantages.
  • Think Roll Up – How to build a 100 million dollar company. Locate 100 locations { we have} where rope access is not being employed and build sales to 1M per location.
  • Proof of concept – Beginning 4 years ago Rope Access Maintenance {RAM} set out to change the maintenance methodologies. Since then “proof of concept” for most skill sets have been used to demonstrate the savings clients experience when using rope access over traditional scaffolding.
  • Rope access new and geographically pocketed – RAM identified the need for an international brand and initiated relationships with smaller Rope access companies about joining the RAM through licensee or acquisition.
  • Four years of experience – RAM has been conducting rope access in Canada for four years while very few other competitors in Canada and even fewer in the US.
  • Business Model – Acquire key regional businesses to open satellite offices and licensees regionally. So far there is no real International brand in the Rope Access Maintenance sector.
  • Track Record – Paul Tessier CEO of RAM has the experience for rolling up smaller companies and creating a brand and selling it. He did this in his last company going from $3M to $114 in five years with a massive sale.
  • Infrastructure is being built in advance – RAM offers unique opportunity. Licensing is open to military, fire fighters and climbers wanting to take advantage of exciting career and business path. 2nd Companies have begun to focus on rope access as margin builder. RAM has through mergers and MOU’s building a Canadian pool of management. RAM’s turnkey services are easily inserted into regions or corporations.

RAM’s Global mission is to introduce the rope access model & scaffolding solutions and continue to evolve as a leader in industrial safety services by constantly working at improving every aspect of our business. We will strive to create unique and innovative products and services that work for our Customers.


Contact Information:

Mr. Paul Tessier
Mr. Scott Obrien
Mr. Eduardo Tello Zivec

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