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Nov 21, 2015 1:27 PM ET

Archived: Revols – Premium Quick Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones: Bluetooth earphones with tips that mold to the unique shape of your ears in 60 seconds. Unparalleled fit, comfort, sound and features.

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 21, 2015

Your search for the perfect pair of earphones has finally come to an end! Revols are the world’s first Quick Custom-Fit Wireless Earphones that mold to the unique shape of your ears in exactly 60 seconds. The coolest part? The entire molding process is controlled by YOU using our companion app on your phone! These revolutionary earphones are designed to provide you with the perfect fit, delivering the unparalleled comfort and sound you’ve been searching for.

Compromising on nothing, Revols bring you the same comfort benefits as traditional custom-fit earphones while saving you tons of time and money!

Traditional Custom-Fit Earphones

  • 1-month process
  • $1000+

Traditional approach

Involves you, an audiologist and a whole lot of patience!

Revols Custom-Fit Earphones

  • 60-second process
  • $199 (Kickstarter Special)

REVOLutionary approach 

Involves you, your ears and a simple app on your phone!


Our ears are as unique as our fingerprints and so they can’t be satisfied by a one-size-fits-all earphone mold. The Revols proprietary shaped molding tip combines a specially formulated nanocomposite and a unique ergonomic design to achieve the desired perfect fit.

Generic (left) versus Revols custom-fit (right)
Generic (left) versus Revols custom-fit (right)

Generic Earphones

They’re either too big, too small or simply don’t fit right. This poor fit causes generic earphones to put pressure, cause pain and often fall out. 

Custom-Fit Earphones 

They’re designed just for you so they fit perfectly every time. They mold to the unique grooves of your ears, sitting comfortably and never falling out!

We’ve designed Revols to be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle! By combining sleek aesthetics with durable materials, we’re giving you the versatility you want and need. Whether you’re going for a run, catching a flight, commuting to work or sitting at your desk, you can wear Revols anywhere, anytime.

Don't fall out
Don’t fall out
Ultimate comfort
Ultimate comfort
Extra scratch, sweat & water protection
Extra scratch, sweat & water protection
Passive noise isolation
Passive noise isolation
Premium aesthetics
Premium aesthetics

To truly deliver great earphones, we knew that the sound had to be as perfect as the fit. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with Onkyo, the esteemed Japanese corporation known for over 70 years of experience in high-end audio technology. We’re working alongside their team of acoustic engineers to deliver world-class audio and craft the ultimate listening experience.

Left to right: Navi (Revols), Jason (Onkyo), Daniel (Revols)
Left to right: Navi (Revols), Jason (Onkyo), Daniel (Revols)


You’re in the driver’s seat – all you have to do is press the start button on the app to activate the molding process. In just 60 seconds, the tips will transform from their initial gel-like state to their permanently hardened, customized shape… It’s really that easy, promise!


The earphones are equipped with 8 hours of reliable playtime. But to keep you company on those long journeys abroad, we’re introducing the Revols Revive battery pack. An industry first, this battery extender simply clips on to the back of the earphone wire for an extra 6 hours of listening!

Whether you’re in the midst of a movie marathon or binge watching your favorite show – don’t let your earphones stop you! Revols allow you to charge while listening! Clip the charging cable on the back of the earphone wire and plug the usb into your computer or a charging outlet to enjoy unlimited playback!


The Revols Sports Skin adds an extra layer of protection and an extra flare of personality! Effortlessly attach the silicone skin to your Revols earphones and get a whole new look with a whole new purpose. Rain or rugged terrain can’t stop these skins from protecting your earphones against scratches, sweat and water damage.  

Why so many color options? WHY NOT!
Fashion and function have never been more in sync than with the Revols Sports Skins! Besides, who wouldn’t want to match their earphones to their running shoes?


Live in a big city? Love to exercise outdoors? Your workout regime just got a whole lot safer with the Revols Adjustable Soundscape. The mics mounted on each ear will allow you to control the amount of surrounding noise played back over your music. With this feature, not only will you hear external noise, but you’ll also know exactly which direction it’s coming from.


Reasons why you’d want to change the molding tips:

  • Change tip size (every pair comes with extra tips in an alternate size) 
  • Share your earphones with a friend
  • Have a separate pair for a separate purpose (ex: working out)

Because why the heck not?!


Do you like when it hangs or when it hooks? Or a little bit of both? YOU CHOOSE! Customize how you wear the connecting wire with the Revols Rotating Bezel.

Left: 6 o'clock position - Right: 10 o'clock position
Left: 6 o’clock position – Right: 10 o’clock position
Revols app home screen
Revols app home screen
Pair, customize and wait only 60 seconds!
Pair, customize and wait only 60 seconds!
Adjustable soundscape
Adjustable soundscape

Within minutes of taking them out of the box, you can have your very own pair of custom-fit earphones! In just 4 simple steps you will achieve the perfect fit and be able to enjoy revolutionary, long lasting and more comfortable listening!

New REVOLutionary color: Anodized Kickstarter Green
New REVOLutionary color: Anodized Kickstarter Green


This awesome color combo will be a Kickstarter exclusive, specially made for our beloved backers! The anodized green/black and anodized green/white combo options were unlocked once we reached $600,000! Thank you for helping us achieve this milestone. We’re excited to get this exclusive color into your hands (& ears)!

Molding Testing:

Perfecting our nanocomposite and optimizing our molding tip geometry.

Device Fitting:

Our ears are as unique as our fingerprints. In order to achieve the optimal design for the Revols molding tip, we underwent months of device fitting testing on ears of all shapes and sizes.


Our 2 sizes of molding tips allow everyone to enjoy earphones that fit perfectly resulting in enhanced passive noise isolation. This makes it possible for people to listen to their music at safer volume levels for extended periods of time.

A big thank you to our family and friends whose support has helped make this campaign possible. A special shout-out to Antony Bui, our videographer (www.antonybui.com), Jon Lerch, our graphic designer (www.hearhear.ca), Tomas Rosen and Nicol Boyd, our industrial designers (www.officeforproductdesign.com), and Jackson Wightman, our PR professional (www.properpropaganda.net), for their amazing work and dedication! 

We’re starting our journey with Kickstarter because we believe the backer community will play an integral role in the development of Revols. Through Kickstarter we’re not just pre-selling our earphones to early adopters, but rather forging relationships with a passionate community of innovative individuals.

Kickstarter, your feedback will help us and your support will enable us to reach our goals and beyond! If you’re ready for an earphone revolution, please support our campaign and spread the word!

Please note that shipping to any country outside North America and Canada may be delayed or cancelled depending on the feasibility of local product approval requirements or local import regulations. In a case of cancellation we will refund your pledge. There may be additional duties, fees or taxes raised by the authorities in your country. You may need to take care of them yourself when receiving the shipment.

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