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Nov 21, 2015 9:39 AM ET

A CAMERA FOR ACORDO FOTOGRÁFICO: a blog about people , books and photographs which honors the act of reading

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 21, 2015


Launched in December 2011, Acordo Fotográfico is a blog about people, books and photographs which honors the act od reading.

In Acordo Fotográfico images are inseparable from the texts that accompany them. Together, photographs and texts form a block, a unit. Photographs record the moment ; words contextualize the images and provide a narrative : who is the reader , what is he reading, where and why.


In these almost four years, Acordo Fotográfico questioned, photographed and talked to nearly 400 readers in countries from all continents – Portugal , Spain, Italy , Germany , Brazil , Australia , East Timor , Malaysia, Thailand , Laos , Cambodia, Vietnam , China , India , Zanzibar , South Africa , Sao Tome and Principe and Cape Verde ; formed a partnership with the Municipal Library Almeida Garrett, in Porto, to shoot users to read on their premises (photos which led later to an exhibition in the same library) ;formed a partnership with OPorto Metro, to shoot users reading on platforms and carriages (images that were later exposed regularly in the Metro Television) ; held five photographic exhibitions ; was present in some television programs, especially the interview with Valter Hugo Mother in Porto Canal ; and participated in the first edition of the Santo Tirso TEDx .


Unfortunately , at this time, Acordo Fotográfico is in a deadlock : the old camera – bought second-hand five years ago – urgently needs to be replaced. And this happens at time when , although with a lot more free time to invest in the project ( since I am temporarily unemployed ) , I do not have financial conditions to invest in new photographic material. Therefore, I come to ask you to help me raise an amount that will allow me to purchase a new camera . 2000 Euros is the value I established as a goal.  Can I count on you ?


I hope you find Acordo Fotográfico worthy of your generosity and I thank you in advance for all your help!

Sandra Barão Nobre


Acordo Fotográfico is a brainchild of Sandra Barão Nobre who photographs and writes the texts. She is the only responsible for mantaining the blog and the respective page on Facebook. The author has a degree in International Relations from the Technical University of Lisbon and worked for eleven years as a Content Manager in the largest Portuguese online bookshop – www.wook.pt ( belonging to Porto Editora Group ) – where she had team coordination functions . Before that, she was as intern in TVI , worked in Telecel SA , held an internship of one year in Uruguayan – Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (in Montevideo, under the Contact Program ) , and worked in the marketing department of the Serralves Foundation . She can’t pass without reading and loves to travel , and has been shooting readers in all the countries she visits. Learning is her greatest stimulus.

Contact Information:

Sandra Barão Nobre

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