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Nov 20, 2015 2:02 PM ET – Creating a new marketplace for the pre-owned smartphone

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 20, 2015

SimplySell Phones has created a technological process that will usher in a new, global marketplace for pre-owned smartphones. By streamlining the process of buying and selling, SimplySell Phones offers wireless retailers, businesses, consumers, and charities the opportunity to buy and sell used phones more efficiently, for more money than ever before.



Wireless retailers are moving away from the practice that’s held the smartphone industry afloat since its inception in 2007: subsidizing the high cost of new phones with two-year contracts. This move is not only driving industry change, but will also drive up the value of used phones, and there are billions of them.  

In the CNET article above, Roger Cheng explains what this means for customers:

“Customers are increasingly paying for their devices in exchange for lower service fees — a trend started by T-Mobile two years ago. The change has resulted in heightened awareness of their smartphone and service costs.”

Consumers are being presented with a choice:

For the vast majority of the world’s 3 billion smartphone users, buying used will be a much more viable option, especially considering the miniscule differences in quality between smartphone model years.

For most, an iPhone 5 at $249 is a much more attractive option than shelling out $849 for an iPhone 6.

Because really: are the new upgrades really worth an additional $600 cash?

So the majority will shift to used phones, but that begs the question: where do you turn to buy a used phone? Chances are nothing comes to mind.

That’s because there are no major players in this hugely fragmented market. There is simply no one the general public trusts to sell them a used phone.

That’s where SimplySell Phones—and our seven years of preparation for this opportunity—come in.


SimplySell Phones will allow businesses, consumers and retailers to get more money for their unwanted phones, and to pay much less for slightly used phones as an alternative to purchasing unsubsidized new ones.

The differentiator is our Revenue Producing Machine (RPM) platform, a combination of hardware and software that streamlines the process of buying and selling, making it so efficient that we create more value for used phones.

We deliver a higher return because our process streamlines selling, maximizing efficiency and scalability to consolidate the used smartphone industry.


The Revenue Producing Machine (RPM) automates the listing of phones for sale, representing them with photos, then lists them on multiple online selling channels and markets them on social media.

All at the touch of a button.

Our “Sell for You” program allows consumers to enlist us or a wireless retailer to sell their phone for them.

Here’s how it works

You can either send your phone to our main facility in Tennessee, or stop by a local SimplySell Phones retail partner.

You get more money for your phone, and you get it fast.

Our RPM platform designed for wireless retailers, an all-in-one ecommerce station, can be installed in any wireless retail store.

Most wireless retailers are inundated with tons of unwanted smartphones, so they already have a huge existing inventory supply line from trade-ins. With the RPM, they can finally turn a profit on that inventory and expand service offerings.


  • Opens a new, high-margin trade-in program run by retail staff
  • Provides free local advertising to drive more local retail traffic to your store
  • Expands your territory of phone activations
  • With RPM, they can finally turn a profit on that inventory

Using the RPM in your store is easy. Because the process is automated for maximum efficiency, virtually anyone can be trained to prepare, list, and market phones to over 1 billion potential global buyers. This creates a revenue producing capability that never takes a lunch break. 

We’ve developed business-class selling programs for our clients who were tired of low recovery returns from trade-in companies. And for businesses, selling phones is just as easy:

For used smartphones to become a true global marketplace, purchasing one has to have advantages over buying new. That’s why we’ve developed a complete, multi-tiered warranty program and an exceptional customer service department.


We’ve spent the past seven years developing our RPM platform, testing and refining it to ensure that it’s ready to handle the incredible scale of a global used smartphone marketplace.

Our retail ready RPM “All-in-One eCommerce Workstation” is ready to bring to market.

We’re currently operating from a 17,000 square-foot selling and fulfillment center in East Tennessee- the perfect place for a reverse logistics operation. We’ve already sold thousands of smartphones and validated the business model.

And now that our operation is in place and the time for our industry is here, we’re ready to scale.

Want to hear more? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out how we plan to lead this new industry.


Russ has 33 years of experience across the computer industry, reverse logistics and ecommerce. Starting at a Fortune 50 company, he sold infrastructure outsourcing to Fortune 500 companies, eventually serving as President and CEO of a reverse logistics company that grew to process more than 8,000 items per day. In 2000, he created what would become known as ebay Drop Off Stores and grew the company into the 77th largest eBay seller at that time, and the first drop-off store franchise system, selling over a million items online.

Brad started his career in the wireless industry at a  top wireless retailer, later leaving to join a large logistics company as their outbound freight coordinator. He later started his own company, which would eventually merge with SimplySell Phones as Brad took the role of COO of eCommerce Operations.

Glen has served as founder and chairman of the Automobile Protectoin Corporation, which he grew into one of the auto industry’s most prominent warranty service companies, which later sold to Ford. After building the Warranty Corporation of America (WaCA), a company that exceeded $100 million in annual sales, Glen sold the company and has since transitioned to consulting.

Contact Information:

Russell Grove
Brad Wilson
Glen Hammer

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