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Nov 20, 2015 12:12 PM ET

Archived: C.A.T Clutch – The Ultimate LED Bag: Wearable art on your arm! Our chic bag displays LED pixel art, changeable with a touch of our app, holds lipstick & charges your phone.

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 20, 2015

You need a C.A.T Clutch to add illumination to your life and stand out in a crowd. This handsome acrylic clutch is no ordinary bag. It is a walking canvas. It is the ultimate in wearable art. It’s a conversation starter and a must-have accessory, one that expresses your style of the moment with a touch of our app. But we can’t do it without you. Your contribution will further the production of the C.A.T Clutch, and allow us to explore new designs. Equally as important, it will support the future of wearable LED fashion, giving us the means to continue breaking new ground in wearable LED pixel art. 

The classic clutch design and LED front display, combined with pixel art and a Bluetooth enabled app merge fashion and technology, brigning the past into the future. The bag is assembled by hand from acrylic in a couple of iconic styles – gold glitter, and white and blue marble. The pixel art is inspired by video game graphics of the 1980s.

The C.A.T Clutch mobile app comes pre-loaded with over 20 pixel art animations commissioned from leading pixel artists. To customize your purse, tap the art you like and seconds later it’s lit up on your bag. If you want to display text instead of animation, you can use the C.A.T Scrawl app to create a scrolling banner. The bag also looks stunning sans animation too.

Upload Pixel Art to Your Clutch with our App
Upload Pixel Art to Your Clutch with our App

Here are some of the fun pixel art animations you can choose from to upload to your C.A.T Clutch.

If you have something to say instead of show, just write it to the C.A.T Clutch via our C.A.T Scrawl app. 

Inside is the C.A.T Clutch is a large mirror that spans the width of the interior. You can further customize your bag by engraving your name across the top of the mirror. There’s an alcove to hold your lipstick or cash and enough storage to fit an iPhone 6 Plus or a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+. If your phone’s battery is running low, there is a USB port so you can juice up your cell phone. Note that the LED display will switch off automatically while you are charging your phone. Every purse will will come with an exclusive C.A.T zippered canvas pouch to store your credit cards, change, and other loose items.

Inside the C.A.T Clutch
Inside the C.A.T Clutch
Phone Charging - Please note that LEDs will be turned off at this time
Phone Charging – Please note that LEDs will be turned off at this time

If you aren’t into purses, we have another wearable option – iBling. This unisex necklace is a rectangular pendant that displays pixel art that is customizable from our app. The iBling’s thick chain, makes it comfortable to wear the LED artwork of your choice around your neck. This is also available as one of our exciting rewards.

People love the C.A.T Clutch. We hear a lot of, “That bag is so cool” and “Where’d you get your bag? I love it.” We have produced a few bags but to meet the overwhelming interest we need funds. Materials, manufacturing, software development, and marketing are not cheap.

C.A.T, Creative Arts & Technology, is also more than a Clutch. When you contribute to our Kickstarter you are not only helping produce the C.A.T Clutch, you are supporting the future of wearable LED art. We have many new ideas that can come to life with your support. As a token of our appreciation, we have items that we’d love to send you as a thank you for your support. Please check out the rewards.  You’ll see that we have something for everyone’s budget.

Also please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’re here to listen and answer them.

The C.A.T Clutches and iBling will be offered in three different style choices:

  • Gold Glitter
  • White Marble
  • Blue Marble

Plus there will be a fourth choice that will be determined by the backer community.  Our Kickstarter supporters will decide if our fourth offering will be:

  • Silver Glitter
  • Black Sparkle or
  • Green Marble

If you purchase the C.A.T Clutch, you will receive:

  • C.A.T Clutch in the acrylic color of your choice
  • C.A.T Drawstring Bag to protect your purse when it’s not in use
  • C.A.T Zippered Pouch to store your goodies in your purse
  • Cross body strap in your preferred hardware color which comes in handy when you are on the dance floor
  • Side angled USB cable with micro USB or Lightning to use as a backup phone charger when you are running low on juice 

Disclaimer:  Acrylic is a durable material, but in certain situations it can be fragile.  It will not likely survive if it is dropped, sat on, or thrown around.  So keep your clutch close.

This purse does contain a micro controller board and will not work if it is immersed in water.

Like it’s founders, C.A.T. – Creative Arts & Technology – is a funky, fresh marriage of tech and fashion. Al, an IT Director at a large Fortune 500 company in Silicon Valley, geeks out making innovative tech projects in their basement, otherwise known as The Lab. And Erin, an IT project manager and fervent fashion enthusiast, gets her groove on hanging out in her overflowing closet with her beloved cats and (many, many) purses. Nearly two decades after these two crazy cats said I DO, they have finally merged their individual interests into one cool, light up bag!

Fresh off his successfully funded PIXEL V2: LED Art Kickstarter campaign, Al was looking into new LED formats. “What’s that,” Erin said one night while he was tweaking around with a rectangular LED matrix. “It’s my latest LED format,” Al said. “You know that would look awesome if we converted it into a clutch,” she said. And Boom – just like getting her chocolate in his peanut butter – the C.A.T Clutch was born. Erin got to sketching out bags and Al got to streamlining his Pixel Art boards to fit her designs.

They recruited Keven Lovette to create an app, Rebecca Tollen to help strategize, Birtu Belete to light up social media, and well known pixel artists from all over the world, like Paul Robertson and Jacob Giordano, to provide their art work.

Contact Information:

Creative Arts & Technology

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