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Nov 18, 2015 4:08 PM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Nov 18, 2015


There are a few things that everyone has, but no one dares to talk about.The monkeys are so dirty, messy, in one word, DISGUSTING! At least that’s what mothers tell their children. And it gets worse when we pick them up with our fingers, look at them, rool’m into tiny balls, or even worse when we put them in our mouth. No mother likes to see big fat monkeys. But seriously everyone has monkeys (where I live is the name we give to boogers) so it was about time we taught adults and children to see them with an open mind, and dedicate an entire book, top to end, to this controversial theme.

“Temos Macacos? – Got Monkeys?” is a book to have fun with, where monkey have the lead role climbing, jumping, swinging in some vines, just being naughty, so naughty that they risk everything, leaving their big families behind and explore the world facing the unknown. Read the story of this monkey… And beware, there are monkeys everywhere, even when you don’t see them, they can be looking in the tip of your nose!

This book that has yet to become, started just like a monkey, a very small idea inside a mind used to read tons of children’s books. That idea came crawling down and slowly getting bigger, and just when it was passing near the nose it pulled a vine that lit the light: it became a bright idea. That light shined bright enough for the hands start drawing and painting. Just before we run out of trees (for many sheets of paper used trying to conceive the monkey) it finally appeared and with it came another and another and another…then came the whole family and the story appeared.

Until now, the road was made between the mind and the hands, and many friends with minds and hands of their own working together to create a path. But there’s a step missing in this books completion it still has to jump to new and bright sheets of paper, have a hardcover and become many to visit one thousand homes. It’s hard, isn’t it?

That’s why we now need your minds and hands and most of all your hearts to make this book come to life so you can say in the future that you are a part of this.

Are you ready?

Let’s do it!


Contact Information:

Joana Espiñal

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