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Nov 16, 2015 2:45 PM ET

Archived: QWESTLAND HOLDING, LLC: a unique lighting system based on advanced LED technology for the horticulture market

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 16, 2015





Qwestland has a unique lighting system based on advanced LED technology for the horticulture market, i.e. greenhouses. The Qwestland solution has major USP’s for the clients and key differentiators to competition,.


-The Green Light Revolution / Light that make your investments grow !!!

Qwestland, located in the globally well-known Westland region in the Netherlands, has its roots for over 9 years at TNO, the national Technology Institute of the Netherlands.

Seasoned TNO directors, with each over 25 years’ experience in R&D and an agricultural background, were leading numerous projects in LED based horticulture lighting.

After a number of years they were supported to continue these projects in the private sector, including all knowledge & products from TNO.

This spin-off was joined later with an experienced management team that was capable of building a business on their products.

Together they formed Qwestland: with a strong management team of 4, and made a successful entrance in this market in 2013, starting in their Westland region.

Qwestland’s vision is to implement sustainable and robust lighting solutions at her clients, substantially decreasing the use of energy and improving the financial situation for the greenhouse production companies.

Qwestland intention is to become a globally well-recognized and respected brand, where Client focus and Quality are main pillars of the organizations’ fundament.

Qwestland has a network of business partners and ambassadors; all experienced and well known in the agriculture sector and who all believe in the Qwestland vision behind their solution, different as all the competitive solutions.

They have already demonstrated to be an added value for Qwestland to build up the business in the professional agriculture market and achieve the defined goals.

Qwestland will use similar experts to grow globally also via direct sales in additional markets.

Contact Information:

Josephus P.J.M. Verschuren

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