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Nov 16, 2015 9:21 AM ET

BerryClever: To give people the power to discover and choose the perfect products for their kids

iCrowdNewswire - Nov 16, 2015



To give people the power to discover and choose the perfect products for their kids.


BerryClever is a social commerce website for parents, featuring baby and kid product reviews and a product suggestion engine. The site creates a social community that allows parents to provide honest advice about products they’ve used, and to research and solicit advice about products they want. A product discovery engine ranks products based on users’ social and personal profiles, enabling the site to suggest products to registered members. The site is optimized for mobile internet use so that users can discover and review products easily.

    Products & Services

    BerryClever is an online discovery engine providing parents an environment to receive suggested products based on their social profiles, read and leave reviews about baby and toddler products, create or view lists of products, follow people similar to them. Parents are highly socially engaged and have a high propensity to seek and share advice and recommendations online. Due to the high spend per family (£3,000 in first year), purchases are very considered. BerryClever is at the centre of these macro trends, tapping into parents’ need for reviews (‘tips’) about baby products, and desire to discover new products from trusted sources (their friends or people like them) in a mobile environment.

    Problem Solved

    Parents need a lot of gear, they don’t know what they need and they are faced with overwhelming choice. Who should they ask? Where do they get trusted advice? A BerryClever survey showed that 86% of mums prefer reviews from people they know. The risk of getting these product choices wrong is high, as there is a lot of money at stake and one’s baby is the most important person in the world to a parent. Retailer reviews are too long and not from trusted people, anonymous reviews are not targeted to the individual, and forums and Facebook groups are perishable, difficult to search and not the focus of the site.

    Revenue Model

    BerryClever is a pre-revenue media company with an advertising revenue model. Sources of advertising revenue include:
    – Native advertising
    – Email campaigns
    – Premium listings
    – Advertorials
    Other revenue includes consumer insights for brands, envisaged as marketing data reports for brands once we have achieved critical mass of users and data. We also have some small affiliate revenue but that is not our focus.

    Exit Strategy

    BerryClever’s aim is to exit to a strategic buyer, either a publisher or an ecommerce company. Publishers are actively seeking to diversify their revenue streams and functionality, increase their user base and increase user engagement in the face of dying print media and an old fashioned historical approach ot online publishing. Ecommerce players are also actively looking to diversify their functionality and user base, and find ways to engage with the customers, as illustrated by Amazon’s purchase of GoodReads.






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